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Jana Argersinger
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The editors of Poe Studies: History, Theory, Interpretation, Scott Peeples
and Jana Argersinger, invite submissions for the 2009 "open-topic"volume of
the journal. Below is a recently revised statement of scope that conveys a
sense of the editors' interests:

While few readers over the years have referred to the journal as Poe
Studies/Dark Romanticism, the second half of the title suggested a central
concern with a particular literary movement that, although essential to a
thorough understanding of Poe, represented only one perspective. And if the
title implied an interest in other “dark romantics,” that wider interest
wasn't often reflected in the journal's pages. We have decided, then, to
remove Dark Romanticism and place more emphasis on the established
subtitle: History, Theory, Interpretation. In doing so we hope to broaden
the range of Poe Studies to include, for instance, essays focused on
historical questions that a study of Poe can help answer, in addition to
essays focused on the interpretative questions surrounding a Poe story that
a study of history can help answer. In other words, Poe Studies looks for
scholarship that in some way “touches” Edgar Allan Poe, whether it aims
squarely at his life and works or brings his writing into a larger
conversation about literature, theory, and history. Poe and dark
romanticism, yes, but also Poe and nineteenth-century globalism, Poe and
postmodernism, Poe and queer studies, literary nationalism, psychology,
science, and so on. Furthermore, we continue to welcome scholarship on
Poe's contemporaries as well as earlier and later writers whose work
intersects with his: E. T. A. Hoffman, Nathaniel Parker Willis, Frances
Sargent Locke Osgood, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Charles Baudelaire,
Vladimir Nabokov, Jorge Luis Borges, and Alfred Hitchcock, to name a few.
These examples are intended only to suggest the wide spectrum of subject
matter and approaches that interest the editors. In large part, the new
directions this journal takes will be shaped by you, the community of
scholars who read, contribute to, and respond to Poe Studies: History,
Theory, Interpretation.

Please send submissions and queries to the editors at
In order to be considered for the 2009 volume, essays must be received by 1
February 2009.

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