CFP: [Film] Foreign Language Film Conference 2008 : Exile, Migration, Identity

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Rosemary Peters
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Foreign Language Film Conference II

Exile, Migration, and Identity

Call For Papers : Interested scholars are invited to submit papers on
aspects of film from traditions other than English, for the second-annual
Foreign Language Film Conference. The conference will take place November
6-8 2008, at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

The theme for FLFC II will be “Exile, Migration, and Identity.” How can we
measure the impact of an increasingly transnational audience on national
cinemas? How does film reflect or project shifts in geopolitical
alignment? How do advances in technology, marketing, and distribution
affect representation in individual traditions? How do the specific
instruments of film (color, cutting, camera angle, motion, music) speak
within the medium, and what do they contribute to theorizing the storyline
and characters? Abstracts are invited in the following categories:

- Exile
o Home and Other places
o Refuge and asylum
o Occupation, dictatorship and (post)colonialism(s)

- Migration
o Diaspora, cultural cartography and the camera
o Minoritarian communities, major traditions
o Aesthetics of displacement and the age of mechanical reproduction

- Identity
o The self and its others in place and space
o Reconnaissance, recognition and representation
o Ipseity and alterity in the cinematic image

These possible topics are not exhaustive and other suggestions are welcome;
please see website for details. Selected proceedings will be considered
for publication after the conference.

Please send 250-word abstract as an email attachment in Microsoft Word
format. All submissions should be in English, including citations.
Abstract should include presenter’s name, contact address and telephone
number, and professional affiliation and status. Presentations should be
no longer than 15-20 minutes including any media support. Deadline for
submission of abstracts (papers and panels): 15 March 2008.

Please send all abstracts to the following email address:

The website for FLFC 2008 will soon be available.
In the meantime, all updates can be found here :

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