CFP: [Film] ACLA Seminar: Cinema/Life/Money: Reading Cinema in the Era of Biocapital

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Morgan Adamson
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ACLA Seminar: Cinema/Life/Money: Reading Cinema in the Era of Biocapital
ACLA Annual meeting: Long Beach, California.
April 24-27, 2008
Submission deadline: December 3, 2007 (sorry for the short notice)

Seminar Organizers: Matthew D. Stoddard, U of Minnesota, Morgan Adamson, U of Minnesota

This panel seeks to investigate various post-war cinemas in terms of the relations between life
and money. As Gilles Deleuze asserts in the second volume of his study of cinema, what defines
cinema as an industrial art is not mechanical reproduction, but “the internalized relation with
money.” However, Deleuze will claim later in this same text that it is rather with life that cinema
maintains its deepest internal relation. Is it life or money, then? This ambiguity is increasingly
relevant in thinking cinema today, as the inextricable flows of money and biological material
have not only gained a more prominent place in the geopolitical landscape of late capitalism â€" a
phenomenon Kaushik Sunder Rajan calls Biocapital â€" but also provide the stuff of representation
for large budget projects (for example, David Cronenberg’s recent Eastern Promises).
Our discussion of these issues will revolve around, but is not limited to, three broad approaches:
First, we invite papers that engage with various invocations in film theory, and other types of
discourses, of the current political and economic links between life and money; second, readings
of films that thematically engage with these links; and third, papers that address the
democratization of cinematic technologies and how this phenomenon might offer resistances to
the relations of life and money that dominate the culture industry. Other topics might include:
affective labor and spectatorship, the filmic body (decay vs. digitalization), representations of the
biotech industry, biopolitics and film, film markets and circulation, etc.

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