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Cynthia Miller
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Film & History, an interdisciplinary journal of film and television
studies with an international audience, seeks original manuscripts for
two special issues related to schools and teaching. The first explores
images of teachers, students, and schools in film and television. The
second is a compilation of case studies that explore how we teach about
historical film and how we teach history with film. Manuscripts may
address feature and/or documentary film. We encourage a variety of
cultural, national, and international perspectives.

Schools, teachers, students, and administrators are common subjects of
films and television, though the messages about the quality of schools,
the challenges of teaching, and the experiences of students vary widely.
While we all share the common experience of attending school, for most
adults, school is a distant memory and the attitudes and beliefs that
many have toward schools are influenced by film and television.

The editors are seeking manuscripts addressing the following topics for
the 2009 issues of Film & History. Analyses of films, empirical work, and
book/film reviews are all welcome (topics not listed are welcome):

Education in film: Images of teachers, students, and schools
o Analyses of teachers and/or students portrayed in film.
o Urban and/or suburban school portrayals
o Schools, teachers, and students at elementary schools, secondary
schools, and universities.
o The intersection of race, class, and/or gender in school films.
o Images of student learning in film.
o Pedagogy of teachers portrayed in film.
o School principals and other administrators.
o Depictions of student social groups in film.
o The representation of content areas in school (history, English,
math, science, etc.)
o Other depictions of schools or school related activities.

Case studies of teaching with film
o Manuscripts describing courses about history-oriented film or
courses that use film as a central component to teach history including:
• A narrative describing the course’s objectives, context, and
• The course syllabus.
• A list of resources that accompany the course.

Guest Editors:
Alan Marcus (University of Connecticut)
Ron Briley (Sandia Preparatory Academy)

Initial submissions should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word.
MLA style is preferred but the editors will accept manuscripts in APA or
Chicago style if this format is used in your scholarly discipline.
Articles are refereed by the editorial staff and outside reviewers; those
chosen for publication will be returned with suggestions for revision.

Send manuscripts to Alan Marcus at:
For additional information contact Alan Marcus:
Papers will be sought until the issues are full.

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