UPDATE: [Film] UCLA's Mediascape seeks papers on comedy, deadline: 2/15/08

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Brett McCracken
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Submission deadline has been extended to February 15, 2008!

The features section is seeking articles that consider themes and
variations of comedy within all areas of media studies. Topics on comedy
may include, but are not limited to:

· Historical perspectives: classical, global, national, local

· Effects of technology: means of production, distribution and exhibition

· Performance: reality, stand-up, animation, make-over

· Genre: variety shows, single/multi-camera, romantic, tragicomic

· Modes of spectatorship: theater-going, home video rentals, DVR viewership

· Censorship and regulation: network vs. cable, theatrical release vs.
internet downloads

Please direct feature section questions, proposals, and submissions to


The reviews section is seeking reviews of comedy in any mediated form. The
object of review can be a film, a TV program, a website, a toy, an
advertisement, a piece of hardware, a movie review, an academic
conferenceâ€"anything. The comedy can be intentional or otherwise.
Questions that may arise include:

· How does mediation structure comedy?

· How does comedy cross (or not cross) cultures?

· How does one "review" comedy?

· How do we identify and evaluate styles and genres of comedy?

· How do user comments and other participatory communities structure comedy?

Please direct reviews section questions, proposals, and submissions to
While both the features and reviews sections for this issue are
highlighting the study of comedy, please note that submissions may be on
any topic in media studies. Full submission information can be found at

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