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Bruno Cornellier

Introducing the new section, Points de « vues » : Explorations, réflexions,

General Call for Papers â€" Submissions welcome at all times

Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois invites researchers, critics,
students, artists and industry practitioners to submit proposals and
original manuscripts on the topic of Quebec media and cinema. The journal,
which publishes theme-based issues, will launch a new supplemental section,
Points de « vues » : Explorations, réflexions, discussions, a platform for
the exchange of ideas geared towards the interests of researchers and
practitioners of Quebec cinema.

Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois is devoted to the publication of
interdisciplinary thought on the theory and praxis of Quebec cinema. It is
our belief that the intersection of academic scholarship, editorial work,
as well as interviews with artists, filmmakers and practitioners produces a
dialogue that invigorates critical discourse around Quebec cinema.
Articles, essays and interviews must be submitted electronically to our
editorial board, and must conform to the journal’s editorial style
(guidelines forwarded upon request). Articles will undergo blind review by
two members of either our editorial or advisory board. We therefore accept
essays addressing the thematic focus of a particular issue (and to an equal
degree those that do not), interviews with filmmakers/artists, editorials
and opinion pieces, as well as book reviews, all pertaining to Quebec and
Canadian cinema, First Nations cinema, or questions surrounding the notion
of national cinema in general. Texts and essays may be written in French
or English.

Comité éditorial /Editorial
Board Bruno Cornellier;
Germain Lacasse; Bill Marshall.

Comité de lecture /Advisory Board 
Michael Baker;
Vincent Bouchard;
Michèle Garneau; Erin Manning; Chantal Nadeau; Pierre
Gwenn Scheppler; Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan; Jerry White.
Nouvelles « vues » sur le cinéma québécois 

a/s Bruno Cornellier 

Department of Communication Studies 

Concordia University 

7141 Sherbrooke W., L-CJ-417.7 

Montréal, (Québec) 

H4B 1R6, Canada

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