UPDATE: [Film] Film & History (all areas) (8/1/08; 10/30-11/2/08)

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Update: Call for Papers
Film and Science: Fictions, Documentaries, and Beyond
2008 Film & History Conference
October 30-November 2, 2008
Chicago, Illinois

Please note our new, third-round Deadline: August 1, 2008

How broad-reaching and inclusive is your conception of science? For Film
& History, it can span from animation to race, and from pedagogy to
virtual reality, with stops in between for extraterrestrials, explorers,
icons and mad scientists.

The following is a list of our current and shortly forthcoming areas for
Film & History's upcoming conference, "Film and Science: Fictions,
Documentaries and Beyond" (Chicago, 10/30-11/2/08). We are now entering
the 3rd Round Call for Papers, and the revised deadline for all areas is
August 1, 2008.

Featured speakers will include special-effects legend Stan Winston. Also
scheduled for plenary sessions are noted scholars Wheeler Winston Dixon
(author of Visions of the Apocalypse, Disaster and Memory, and Lost in
the Fifties: Recovering Phantom Hollywood) and Sidney Perkowitz (author
of Hollywood Science: Movies, Science, & the End of the World).

For additional information on any of the areas, please consult our
website: (www.uwosh.edu/filmandhistory), and click on the "Areas and
Contact Information" link on the front page. Each area title is a link
that will open a new Word document file with a full call for papers.

* Adaptations from Literature to Screen
* Animals
* The Atomic Age
* Atomics, Animation, and Anticipation
* The Apollo Program
* Bioethics
* Cinematic Extraterrestrials
* Code-breaking: Low and High-Tech Whodunnits
* Comparisons in Non-Fiction Science Films and Television
* Corporate, Educational, and Industrial Films
* Darwin and the Evolution-Intelligent Design Aftermath
* David Cronenberg
* Different Bodies: Disability, Impairment, and Illness
* Doctor Who
* Environmental Documentaries
* Explorers and Exploration
* The Future of Genocide and Repression
* German Science Fiction Films
* Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings
* Hollywood's Physicians
* The Intrusion of Technology
* Is Resistance Really Futile?
* Military Science
* Monsters, Mad Scientists, and Men From Outer Space
* Pedagogy-Methodology
* Race and Science Fiction Film
* Reenactments
* Science Fiction in British Film and Television
* Science Fiction from Literature to the Screen
* The Science of the Kill
* The Science of Special Effects
* Time Travel
* Scientific Icons
* Shakespeare and Technology
* Sportive Performance
* Steven Spielberg
* Surveillance and Control
* Virtual Reality and Gaming
* Women in the Sciences

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