CFP: [Film] NEMLA panel: "Fins-de-siecles: Narrative Form in the Victorian and Postmodern Serial"

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Anne Moore
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Critics and fans alike defend the status of shows like *The Wire* and *The Sopranos* by calling them
“the new Dickens.” Obviously, the expansive form encourages readers to consider these narratives
as parallel, but what about the serial’s status as a commodity? How is the behavior of Victorian and
postmodern serial readers similar? Why have these famously “addictive” narratives taken hold of the
popular imagination at these particular historical moments? This panel hopes to address these
questions and more, considering seriality through a transatlantic and transhistorical lens.
Psychoanalytic, cultural studies, and feminist perspectives are encouraged, as are papers that
consider other contemporary or Victorian serialized media (comics/graphic novels, theater, film,
etc.). Please address a CV and 250-500 word paper proposal by Sept 15 to Anne Moore at

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