CFP: [Film] Perspectives of Audition, SCMS (08/18/08; 05/21/09-05/24/09)

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Brad D. Foster


Seeking submissions for a panel entitled_PERSPECTIVES ON AUDITION_at the
2009 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Tokyo, Japan (May
21-24, 2009).

While a number of major theories of sound have addressed the role of voice
in the cinematic mediumâ€"for instance Mladen Dolar’s *A Voice and Nothing
More* and Michel Chion’s *The Voice in Cinema*â€"relatively little attention
has been paid to hearing as hearing. Rather than focusing on the
audience’s relation to the soundtrack, this panel seeks to investigate
character audition, the representation of the act of hearing in cinema. In
*Sound Theory Sound Practice* Rick Altman notes that “very few films
construct an approximation of sound perspective.” Although (and indeed
because) such moments of auditory perspective in film are few, it is
precisely these moments on which this panel centers its attention in an
effort to listen to listening itself.

Analyses of individual films are welcome, and might consider how a
particular instance of audition is heard in film, from what vantage it is
heard, when it is heard, under what circumstances it is heard, and how the
film marks it as subjective. Some questions to consider could include the
following: What effect has digitization of sound played in representing
character audition? How are scholars addressing the need to further
develop a vocabulary that is capable of more effectively bridging the gap
between the visual and the auralâ€"especially as it relates to hearing film
rather than viewing film? How do films represent non-human hearing (e.g.
animal, machine, alien)? How has hearing impairment (temporary or
permanent) been represented by particular films? What are the thresholds
of noticeability with regard to subjective audition and so called
“selective sound”? In what ways are the conventions of point-of-audition
sound in recent films evolving?

Papers addressing perspectives on audition in ways that relate to the
overall conference theme (mobilizing the future/screening the past) are
particularly welcome. Please visit the SCMS website for more details about
the 2009 conference:

Send 300-word abstract by Aug 18 2008, to: Brad Foster

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