CFP: [Film] Approaching the Past and Present: Cinematic Time Travels (SCMS - 08/10/08)

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René T. Bruckner
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Panel: Approaching the Past and Present: Cinematic Time Travels

Cinematic (time-based) media seem particularly predisposed to treat time as
space, duration as distance, the past and future as more or less exotic
terrain to be visited, explored, occupied, and often mined for natural
resources. As such, cinema has a special relationship with the fictional
technology of the time machine. This panel looks into the shared history,
salient links, and irreducible differences between cinematic/mediated
experience and time travel. What insights might be gained into the
expressive powers of film and media (e.g., as historiography) by figuring
cinema as a time machine or, conversely, by considering the time machine
“cinematic?” Papers might approach the topic from any direction, e.g., via
the durable narrative motif of time travel in its many forms: literary,
filmic, televisual, or otherwise.

Conference: SCMS (May 21-24th 2009, Tokyo)
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