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The influence of colonization and the mass media has left its mark on
African language policies and communication, making way for a gradual
shift towards English in Africa due to its prestige as the globalizing
language. The future of African languages and cultures are hereby
endangered. Mother-tongue education has been neglected in favor of
Western languages, the languages of the colonizer. Although South Africa
has 11 official languages, English is the dominant language in
government, business, education and media systems. Research regarding
the use of television dramas as literature linked to technology, proved
that this genre can be very effective in popularizing languages and in
teaching language. The television drama also provides teaching and
learning which equips students to think critically, to feel emotively and
to express articulately. The production and teaching of African
television dramas should put Africa to the core in order to restore
fractured cultures and languages of Africa. By utilizing mass media,
students can counteract challenges regarding African languages and
cultures which the processes of African history and globalization pose.
A multidisciplinary approach to these challenges, is in line with the
systems theory which describes the world as a set of related systems that
are in constant interaction with each other.

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