CFP: [Film] Exploitation and Aesthetics: SCMS 09

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Caetlin Benson-Allott
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Aesthetics and Exploitation Film

A Panel for the 2009 Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in
Tokyo: May 21-24, 2009

Exploitation cinema has long been considered a guilty pleasure for film
scholars. These films are the movies we may see, but would never study.
This panel refutes the notion that exploitation cinema constitutes an
acceptable area of academic inquiry only when one discusses its “so bad
its good” qualities. We seek instead to interrogate the aesthetics of
exploitation cinema on its own terms and aim to redefine measures of
quality or academic value in film studies. What would it mean to take
seriously the nihilism of the car crash genre? Or to think about failure
as an aesthetic choice? We invite papers on any aspect of exploitation
cinema, 1930s-present, from Freaks to Teeth. Papers on under-explored
aspects of exploitation are especially welcome; these might include
female auteurs, exhibition and distribution histories, or international
productions. Please send a brief abstract of 250 words or less by August
5, 2008 to Caetlin Benson-Allott at caetlin[at]ucsc[dot]edu and Jessica
Metzler at jlm243[at]cornell[dot]edu.

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