CFP: [Film] Cinephile Vol. 5 No. 1 - Far From Hollywood: Alternative World Cinemas (9/15/08)

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Colleen Montgomery

‘Far From Hollywood’
Alternative World Cinema Call For Papersâ€"UBC Cinephile

Though there is no one temple for alternativity, no single mandate for alternative filmmakers,
the work of certain directors from Jan Svankmajer, to David Lynch, to the Dardenne brothers, is
commonly identified as ‘alternative’. With no national boundaries or ideological underpinnings,
how do we proceed to map what constitutes this amorphous cinema in terms of form and
content? Moreover, as international film markets grow increasingly globalised and post-celluloid,
and access widens to films made outside of mainstream production/distribution systems, how
do alternate modes of production, distribution and reception expand definitions of what
constitutes alternative? In an effort to carve out an epistemology of this cinema that by nature
evades definition, Cinephile is calling for a range of papers on alternative world cinema for its
first issue of 2009.

Possible Topics Could Include:
        -counter-hegemonic histories and national myths
        -the carnivalesque and the grotesque
        -dissociative narration and unreliable narrators
        -blasphemy/ anarchic rituals
        -warped subjectivities, psychosis and delusion
        -the celebration of deranged, amoral and fantastic perspectives/worldviews
        -ravenous appetites and the economy of the flesh
        -the bartering and sacrifice of children/innocence
        -disintegration of patriarchy/the nuclear family and makeshift social/family models
        -juxtaposition of high architecture and the underbelly of the city

Cinephile is the University of British Columbia’s film journal, published with the support of the
Centre for Cinema Studies. Since its inception in 2005, Cinephile has been steadily broadening
its readership. Starting in 2009, the journal will be published biannually and made available
online and in print via subscription.

Submission Criteria:
        -We accept both faculty and graduate submissions.
         -Papers should be approximately 2000-3000 words, formatted in MLA, and submitted with
           a works cited and brief biography.
        -The deadline for submissions is September 15th 2008
        -Submissions and inquiries should be directed to:

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