CFP: [Film] Documenting LGBTQ Identity in Non Western Worlds (10/31/08; collection)

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Christopher PUllen

CFP: Documenting LGBTQ Identity in Non Western Worlds (10/31/08;

Edited by Christopher Pullen

Proposals are invited for essays forming part of a new reader focusing on
LGBT and queer identity in the developing and non western world, apparent
within varying documentary forms, such as film, television and new

A central concern is to explore the social agency of media producers and
performers, who offer new narratives of potential and progression,
challenging Western orientated and traditional worlds. At the same time
some chapters may explore the significance of Western constructions of
LGBT and queer identity, which have offered archetypes of political
engagement for world wide audiences. As a consequence this reader
intends to foreground tensions between Western ideals, dominant
identifications and ‘other’ possibilities, counter pointing issues such
as tradition, modernity, globalisation, hybridity, and the imagined

Essays are invited discussing this new diversity, examining not only
landmark documentary texts funded and produced in the West such
as 'Coming Out in The Developing World' (John Scagliotti, 2003), 'Jihad
for Love' (Parvez Sharma, 2007) and 'Be Like Others' (Tanaz Eshaghian,
2008), but encourages those produced within the non Western and
developing world, in varying documentary forms.

Please send abstracts (of 200 words length) and a biography by the 31st
of October 2008 to Chris (email below). Essays need to be original
texts, and cannot have been published elsewhere â€" unless you own the
copyright, and are free to publish. If you have any questions, please
feel free to enquire.

Chris Pullen â€" Senior Lecturer in Media Studies â€" Bournemouth University


Dr. Christopher Pullen is Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Bournemouth
He main published work focuses on gay identity and social agency within
the media. He is the author of Documenting Gay Men: Identity and
Performance in Reality Television and Documentary Film (McFarland, 2006)
which explores how gay people as; inspirational individuals, political
teens, devoted couples, caring parents, and influential media producers
have contributed to the progression of gay identity within domestic
arenas. His second book is titled of Gay Identity, New Storytelling and
the Media (forthcoming, Palgrave). Also he is the co-editor of the new
edited collection on LGBT Identity and Online New Media (forthcoming,

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