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*Deadline Extended to September 30th.*

There is a repeated line on the new Battlestar Galactica that goes “All
this has happened before and will happen again.”

Television in the last twenty years has started to do what film has been
doing throughout its history--remaking old material. This has been
occurring at an increasing rate in American and British television. Some
programs (such as Queer as Folk, The Office, and Ugly Betty) simply
transplant a popular foreign series into a more familiar location for their
audiences. However that transplantation, along with a longer run, alters
the overall narrative and sometimes the “essence” of the show. Others (like
Battlestar Galactica, Little House on the Prairie, and The Bionic Woman)
take shows that have an existing fanbase and update them for a contemporary
audience. In either case, the series are inherently intertextual and bring
the “reality” or “canonicity” of the shows into question. More than this,
the remakes may be representative of a postmodern need to reinvest or
reinvent history and the history of television.

This panel will explore the various narrative strategies of these programs
and the way in which they address their original versions. What do these
remakes say about the cultures that produce them? Are these shows
indicative of any obsession with history? What are the intertextual
implications of the narratives? What narrative techniques do the shows
employ that differ from those of “original” series? Send 500 word proposals
to Julie Flynn at wrtginstruktor_at_gmail.com

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