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International Conference “Historical Fiction, Fictional History, and Historical Reality”

Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 9:24am
Organised by CETAPS and CHAM (NOVA University, FCSH)
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, November 30, 2019

International Conference “Historical Fiction, Fictional History, and Historical Reality”Call for Papers FCSH-Universidade Nova de LisboaLisbon, Portugal 6-8 March 2020 Organised by CETAPS and CHAM  The most pellucid pearls of historical narrative are often fount in fiction, long a major component of historical understanding. More people apprehend the past through historical novels, from Walter Scott to Jean Plaidy, than through any formal history.David Lowenthal, The Past is a Foreign Country (1985) 224 Historical fiction has been riding a crest of popularity, and, to a certain degree, it was that popularity that motivated (or forced) the academic study of the genre.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 2:24pm
University of Wolverhampton
deadline for submissions: 
Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Updated Call for Papers

The Second International Conference on Twenty-First Century Film Directors

University of Wolverhampton in collaboration with Light House Media Centre, Wolverhampton presents

Kathryn Bigelow: A Visionary Filmmaker

Thursday July 11th 2019 at Light House Media Centre*, Wolverhampton

Keynotes: Dr Deborah Jermyn, University of Roehampton, London, and Dr Stella Hockenhull, University of Wolverhampton

(E)motion in Changing Worlds

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 4:32pm
The Department of English Literature, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
deadline for submissions: 
Saturday, August 31, 2019

(E)motion in Changing Worlds

Thessaloniki, Greece, 14-16 May, 2020

Deadline: 31 August 2019


Call for Papers

The Department of English Literature of the School of English at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in collaboration with the Hellenic Association for the Study of English (HASE), invite scholars to submit proposals for the international conference (E)motion in Changing Worlds to be held in Thessaloniki, 14-16 May, 2020.


Peacocks, Dragons and Winged Lions: The fantastic bestiary of Oriental art, its circulations & reinventions in Europe (18th-20th c.)

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 1:44pm
CNRS / INHA (Paris)
deadline for submissions: 
Monday, June 10, 2019

INHA, PARIS (27-28 MARS 2020)


Organising committee:

Vanessa Alayrac-Fielding (université de Lille)

Laurence Chamlou (université de Reims)

Isabelle Gadoin (CNRS, « Thalim » / université de Poitiers)

Invited speaker:

Stacey Pierson (London, SOAS)

 Scientific committee:

Karen Brown (University of St Andrews, Scotland)

Sarga Moussa (Thalim – université Paris Sorbonne Nouvelle)

Nabila Oulebsir (université de Poitiers)

Mildred Galland-Szymkowiak (CNRS, équipe Thalim, UMR 7172)

Evanghelia Stead (université Versailles-St Quentin)

Yusuke Suzumura (Hosei university, Japon)

METU British Novelists International Conference

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 1:44pm
METU British Novelists International Conference: “Daniel Defoe and His Work”
deadline for submissions: 
Friday, August 30, 2019

METU British Novelists International Conference: “Daniel Defoe and His Work”
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey, 12-13 December 2019
Deadline for abstract submission: 30 August 2019

The Department of Foreign Language Education at Middle East Technical University is pleased to announce the call for its 25th British Novelists Conference, the theme of which is “Daniel Defoe and His Work.” The conference will be held on 12-13 December, 2019 in Ankara, Turkey.

Call for Conference Abstracts - 4th International Conference on English Language and Literary Studies: Beyond Hermeneutics

Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 1:40pm
University of Banja Luka
deadline for submissions: 
Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Department of English, at the Faculty of Philology, University of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), in cooperation with the University of Leuven are pleased to announce the fourth conference on English language and literary studies CELLS: Beyond Hermeneutics: Challenging Traditional Approaches to Literary and Language Studies. 


light | sensitive | material - photography conference 2019

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 1:18pm
University of West London
deadline for submissions: 
Wednesday, June 5, 2019




light | sensitive | material

photography conference 2019


A two-day conference at the University of West London

supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council


1st and 2nd November 2019


Keynote speakers:

Prof. Howard Caygill, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University, London

Prof. Laura U. Marks, School for the Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver