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CFP: Performance Practice (journal)

Tuesday, July 22, 1997 - 4:58pm
D K Manley


Submissions are invited for Issues 3 and 4 of 'Performance Practice', a
peer-reviewed journal, which deals with the processes of making creative
practical work for and with students. Papers concerned with
interdisciplinary investigations, mixed-media presentations and/or
installations are as appropriate to the philosophical 'brief' of
'Performance Practice' as are more ostensibly conventional

CFP: Pink Cadillac (E-journal)

Sunday, July 13, 1997 - 6:37pm
Jason P. Mitchell

Call for Submissions:

Pink Cadillac:

A Quarterly Web Review of Art and Literature

seeks submissions of poetry, short fiction, book reviews, visual arts, and
essays on contemporary culture and politics for its premiere issue, which
will be published on September 15. Subsequent issues will be published on
the 15th of December, March, June, and September of each year. Deadlines
are the 15th of the previous month.

CFP: _Feminist Teacher_ (essays for journal; no deadline)

Thursday, July 10, 1997 - 8:00pm
Theresa D. Kemp

                     CALL FOR ESSAYS AND ARTICLES


How do you teach about sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms
of oppression? Have you developed lesson plans or courses dealing
with AIDS, human rights, anti-Semitism, peace and justice, violence
against women, world politics, imperialism, or the environment from
a feminist perspective?

CFP: Journal of Aging and Identity

Friday, June 6, 1997 - 10:26pm
Journal of Aging & Identity

The Journl of Aging and Identity, an international,
interdisciplinary, quarterly publication accepts submissions year
round. JAI examines the phenomenon of aging as it is presented in
the humanities. Articles discuss myths,often embodied in the
humanities, that equate longevity with senility and aging with
decrepitude, while simultaneously exploring visual and literary
representations of the potentiality and pleasures of active old age.
The journal explores the significance of an older persons since of
self and seeks to foster a dialogue between the humanities and the
bio-medical, psychological, behavioral, and social sciences that will
chalenge stereotypes, further our understanding of the aging

CFP: Media and Communication Studies (on-line journal)

Thursday, May 29, 1997 - 6:33pm
Dr Daniel Chandler


IJMCS: The International Journal for Media and Communication Studies
Online at:

This is to notify you of the existence of a new on-line journal for
all aspects of media and communication studies. At present, papers may be
submitted without regard to any more specific theme, although it may
be useful to note the interests of the editorial team (see below).

Why Publish in IJMCS?

CFP: Chicago Humanities Journal (grad)

Friday, May 23, 1997 - 7:22am
daniel jeremiah smith


                      Call for Papers

*Where are the Humanities going?*
CHJ wants papers that challenge traditionally-held notions within the
humanities and that question boundaries between disciplines. . .
papers that critique literature and literary theory, social sciences,
history, musicology, law, philosophy, psychology. . .papers that debate
issues of interdisciplinarity and chart new directions for the humanities.

CFP: The American Road (Descanso Lit Jnl)

Wednesday, May 21, 1997 - 5:33pm
Gregory Zura


Descanso Literary Journal is now accepting submissions for upcoming
issues- The American Road, Icons & Iconography.

Descanso's goal is to give voice to up and coming writers and artists on
a variety of topics prevalent in American society.

Descanso accepts short fiction, poetry, one act plays, essays, painting,
photography & sculpture.

For submission guidelines or a copy of our premiere issue - SEX (for
only $7.00), write to:

Descanso Literary Journal
PO Box 20066
Seattle, WA 98102

or email:

Thank you.

CFP: Rocky Mt. Review of Lang & Lit (journal)

Friday, May 16, 1997 - 9:56pm
Jan Widmayer

journal of the Rocky Mountain MLA, is soliciting essays 15-25 pages
long on literary, linguistic, pedagogic, or popular culture topics in
all the ancient and modern languages. The REVIEW publishes in
French, German, and Spanish, as well as in English. Authors must be
members of RMMLA, but since the Rocky Mountain region seems to be
more a state of mind than a geographic location, we have many members
from flatter and wetter lands.

CFP: Fieldwork (New Cultural Studies E-Journal)

Saturday, May 10, 1997 - 3:58pm

announcing a new e.journal in the humanities: fieldwork


CFP: REED Newsletter –– Ren. Theatre (journal)

Thursday, May 8, 1997 - 7:28pm
Helen Ostovich

The REED Newsletter is converting to the status of peer-reviewed journal,
a process that should be complete by 1998. The editorial board at present

Lawrence Clopper, Indiana University
JoAnna Dutka, Past Editor, Erindale College, Unversity of Toronto
Alexandra Johnston, REED and Victoria College, University of Toronto
Sally-Beth MacLean, REED, University of Toronto
Anne Lancashire, University College, University of Toronto
Robert Tittler, Concordia Unversity
William Streitberger, University of Washington

We will also be switching to annual publication under a new name:

Early Theatre:
A Journal associated with the Records of Early English Drama.

CFP: Linguistics (SW Journal of Linguistics)

Monday, April 28, 1997 - 7:58pm
Mary Jane Hurst


The Linguistic Association Of The Southwest (LASSO) announces a change in
the editorship of its journal, the _Southwest Journal of Linguistics_.
Effective with Volume 16 (1997), the journal will be housed at Texas A&M
University-Commerce, where the new editor, Jon Jonz, is Professor of English
and Linguistics.

CFP: James Lee Burke (on-line newsletter)

Friday, April 18, 1997 - 5:16pm
Jan B. Steffensen

Call for contributions:

A James Lee Burke Newsletter

(check the Call at - available from
April 21)

For a planned electronic newsletter on mystery author James Lee Burke I am
looking for contributions. I would like to print article and longer reviews,
but the newsletter will also contain a variety of other types of material.
Please let me know if you like to contribute - perhaps you already have
written something or you would like to. Please email me at

CFP: The Connecticut Review (journal)

Friday, April 4, 1997 - 7:36am
Stuart Barnett

The Connecticut Review is soliciting articles and essays on literary and
cultural topics with a broad theoretical scope. The Connecticut Review seeks
in particular innnovative scholarly work that might not fit the rubric of the
increasingly preprogrammed theoretical perspective of many traditional and
not-so-traditional journals. Recent contributors have included Andrew
Benjamin, Geoffrey Hartman, Carol Jacobs and Andrew Parker.

Send two copies of essays (formatted in MLA style and no longer than 20 pages)
to Stuart Barnett, English Department, Central Connecticut State University,
New Britain CT, 06050.

CFP: Philological Quarterly

Tuesday, March 11, 1997 - 8:43pm
William Kupersmith

Philological Quarterly is suffering from a dearth of
submissions and is eager to receive new articles for
consideration for prompt publication. We invite articles on
literature in both classical and modern languages and in all
historical periods, ancient, medieval, renaissance,
seventeenth and eighteenth century, romantic, Victorian,
modern and post-modern. All critical and theoretical
approaches are welcome, but we prefer articles written in a
readable and accessible style. We recommend 6000 to 12000
words although we also consider brief articles and notes on
specific topics.

CFP: Versification (new electronic journal)

Tuesday, March 11, 1997 - 6:27pm
Steven J. Willett


As a result of the current renaissance in literary prosody, a group
of scholars in a wide range of fields has recently banded together
to create an innovative web site called "Versification." Its purpose
is to encourage serious, multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging debate
on all aspects of literary prosody. The site will feature a refereed
journal, book reviews, running bibliographies, information on
developments in the field, links to other sites of interest and a
Colloquium for lively, informal discussions of all matters pertaining
to versification.

To find "Versification," point your browser at:

CFP: Critical Survey (journal)

Tuesday, March 4, 1997 - 10:55pm
Andrew Murphy Andrew Murphy

Please feel free to crosspost the following and please excuse multiple postings.


The UK-based journal _Critical Survey_ is now entering its eighth year.
Previously the journal operated on a rolling themed issue format but, as of
this year, the format will change. The three annual issues of the journal
will now consist of: a modern issue; an early modern issue; and an eclectic
or guest edited issue. The editor for the early modern issue will be Andrew
Murphy and submissions should be sent to him at the address below.

CFP: International Journal of Cultural Studies (new journal)

Thursday, February 20, 1997 - 7:22pm
Jane Makoff

     Call for Papers

     The International Journal of Cultural Studies is an exciting new
     journal being launched in 1998 to take Cultural Studies into new
     territories and new concerns. The journal will be edited by Professor
     John Hartley from University of Wales College of Cardiff and published
     by SAGE Publications, London.

     The International Journal of Cultural Studies will conduct an
     international colloquy around issues of culture and media in a global
     context and from a post-disciplinary perspective.

CFP: Explorations in English Studies (journal)

Friday, January 24, 1997 - 7:37pm
Multiple recipients of list MODBRITS

Explorations in English Studies would like you to share recent research
with others in a stimulating collegial environment. Please submit a paper to
be considered on any British Literature topic. The only requirement is
papers must include research and the use of outside sources. Please leave a
phone number where you can be reached for publishing rights information.

        Send Your Submissions to:

        Explorations In English Studies
        C/O Susan Yatamoto
        PO Box 778
        Pasadena, CA 91101
Received on Fri Jan 24 1997 - 14:37:38 EST

CFP: International Review of Modernism (new journal)

Saturday, January 4, 1997 - 5:17am

The _International Review of Modernism_ is a new review-journal that will
publish short articles, reviews, and extended review-essays on new
scholarly and critical books on European modernist literature and culture
situated in historical and national contexts. The coverage will be broad
both temporally (from decadence and fin-de-siecle to the start of the
second World War) and spatially (from Great Britain to Russia). We are
interested in all of the many contending movements in literature and the
other arts (post-impressionism, decadence, favism, cubism, imagism,
vorticism, futurism, dadaism, surrealism, expressionism, etc.).

CFP: Journal of African Travel-Writing

Thursday, December 19, 1996 - 5:25am
Amber Vogel

Call for contributors

THE JOURNAL OF AFRICAN TRAVEL-WRITING seeks scholarly articles, true
narratives, reviews, and other literary artifacts related to past and
contemporary African travel.

Journal of African Travel Writing
P. O. Box 346
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Received on Thu Dec 19 1996 - 00:25:16 EST

CFP: Intertexts: New Comp Lit Journal

Monday, December 9, 1996 - 10:52pm

          Announcement: New Journal in Comparative Literature

                         I N T E R T E X T S

CFP: Mediaevalia (journal)

Friday, December 6, 1996 - 4:12am
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


    An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies World Wide

            Editor-in-Chief: Sandro Sticca

CFP: Space & Culture (new journal)

Sunday, October 6, 1996 - 9:51pm
Roderick, Ian

                                _Space & Culture_
                                        - the journal

CFP: So Cal Rev of Law and Women's Studies (no date)

Thursday, September 19, 1996 - 6:27pm
Nikki Senecal

> The Southern California Review of Law and Women's Studies (RLAWS)
>invites all authors to submit for publication papers on all topics
>relating to women and the law. RLAWS is a legal journal that emphasizes
>feminist jurisprudence but also seeks to reach across disciplines to
>examine the many subjects and concerns that illuminate the complex

CFP: Jean Rhys Review (no deadline)

Thursday, September 12, 1996 - 3:15am
Nora Gaines

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                          _JEAN RHYS REVIEW_

The _Jean Rhys Review_ invites submissions of critical articles, and
comparative and biographical studies relating to any aspect of Rhys's life
and work. We also welcome book reviews, creative responses (such as
poetry), notes, queries, and pertinent announcements of colloquia or
research-in-progress. We are particularly interested in articles that
examine Jean Rhys's work in relation to that of her contemporaries, and to
the context of the literary climate in which she wrote. Articles may be
written in English or in French.

CFP: The Early America Review

Thursday, July 18, 1996 - 5:58am
D.E. Vitale

The Early America Review, an historical journal focusing on 18th century
America-- its people, issues and events-- is a new publication on the
World Wide Web. The Review is being published as a quarterly. The Summer
1996 edition is now online.

Its URL:

The editor is interested in adademic papers, book reviews, commentaries,
stories, and texts of speeches re this period. There is no prohibition
against writings that have been previously published.

If you have any questions or are interested in submitting your manuscript,
please e-mail me.


CFP: Romanticism On the Net (new electronic journal)

Wednesday, February 14, 1996 - 11:36am
Michael Laplace-Sinatra

The first issue of *Romanticism On the Net* - an electronic journal
entirely devoted to Romantic Studies - is now available. *Romanticism On
the Net* is an international quarterly academic journal.

Table of Contents of *Romanticism On the Net* Issue 1 (February 1996):

- Kris Steyaert (University College London): 'Poetry as Enforcement:
Conquering the Muse in Keats's "Ode to Psyche"'
- David S. Miall (University of Alberta): 'Electronic Romanticism: The CD'
- Joel Pace (Blackfriars, Oxford): 'Emotion and Cognition in *The Prelude*'
- Bruce Graver (Providence College): 'Duncan Wu's *Wordsworth's Reading:
1770-1799*: A Supplementary List with Corrections'