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UPDATE: Poetry and Poetics (3/29/07; SAMLA, 11/2/07-11/3/07)

Monday, March 19, 2007 - 7:36pm
Hadbawnik, David C

Based on the papers I've accepted so far, I'd like to invite proposals =
that focus on modern/early postmodern female poets -- e.g. lorine =
niedecker? -- and i'm extending the deadline to march 29. I still need =
at least two more papers, so please, if you have something along this =
line you'd like to present, send it along.

Papers (15-20 minutes) are invited for the Poetry and Poetics session of
the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association annual conference,
meeting Nov 2-3, 2007 at Western Washington University in Bellingham, =

Send a 500 word proposal (double spaced) and a CV to David =3D
Hadbawnik ( by March 29, 2007.=20

CFP: Writing Macao: Poetry and Translation (6/30/07, journal issue)

Monday, March 19, 2007 - 7:36pm

Writing Macao:
creative text and teaching

Call for Fifth Number:
Submissions are now sought for the fifth number of Writing Macao: creative
text and teaching, a special issue on Poetry and Translation, to appear
later in 2007 and already under construction.

CFP: Poets & Theory (France) (6/30/07; 1/22/08-1/23/08)

Monday, March 19, 2007 - 7:35pm
Guillaume Cingal

Conference: =93Poets and Theory=94
organized by the GRAAT Research Centre
Universit=E9 Fran=E7ois Rabelais
Tours, France
January 22-23, 2008
       This conference aims to explore the relationship between
English-language poets and theory. Many openly address technical matters
in the course of their poems=97Pope, Bishop, Ferlinghetti, Marechera=97, =
their letters=97Sydney, Keats, Dickinson, Hopkins, Lowell=97in =
and polemical texts=97Coleridge, Whitman, Stevens, Auden, O=92Hara =
Ashbery, Howe, Taban lo Liyong, Hejinian=97when they do not adopt =
if not all, of the above strategies to question their own artistic

CFP: Poetics of Globalisation (UK) (3/26/07; 5/2/07)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - 1:33am
Nicky Marsh

Workshop: The Poetics of Globalisation=20


May 2, Centre for Contemporary Writing, University of Southampton


The implications of the ubiquitous languages of 'globalization' for literar=
y and cultural critique are far from clear. The term is deeply ambivalent, =
suggesting both a political critique of the neo-liberal agenda and an acces=
sion to the universalizing assumptions of its corporate entities. This work=
shop offers literary critics the opportunity to assess and openly debate th=
e significance of the theoretical and political frameworks of globalization=
 for the study of literature.=20


Specific issues to be addressed include:=20=20

CFP: Tiresian Poetics, Sex Change and Modernism (3/16/07; MLA '07)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 - 1:33am
Ed Madden

CFP: Tiresian Poetics, Sex Change and Modernism (3/16/07; MLA '07)
Proposal for Special Session
Tiresian Poetics: Modernism and Sex Change.
Narratives of sexual or gender metamorphosis; sexual dissonance and
artistic power; sexual difference and voice. Sexology and myth.
Transgender rhetorics, poetics, narrative structures.
Abstracts by March 16 (extended deadline); Ed Madden
Ed Madden


Dr. Ed Madden
Associate Professor of English
Department of English
University of South Carolina
Columbia SC 29208
(fax: 803.777.9064

UPDATE: Aging Poetically (3/15/07; MLA '07)

Saturday, March 10, 2007 - 10:03am
Leni Marshall

<dd>The text of the CFP incorrectly listed the submissions date. It
should be 15 March 2007.<br><br>

<dd>Aging Poetically:&nbsp;&nbsp; a proposed special session topic for
the 2007 MLA <br>

<dd>in Chicago, IL.<br><br>

<dd>Seeking examinations of poems about age, aging, and old age, in

<dd>writing of late-twentieth- and early-twenty-first-century poets

<dd>all ages worldwide. How is old age, aging, ageism, and age difference

<dd>depicted poetically? (How) does the poet's age vary the depictions

CFP: Versification (no deadline; journal)

Friday, March 9, 2007 - 3:45am
Peter Groves

The refereed e-journal Versification (,
ISSN 1546-0401) is looking for essays and reviews on matters to do with
metre and literary prosody. Versification aims to provide an
interdisciplinary forum where scholars, students, critics, writers and
artists from many different fields can explore the role that sound plays
in the poetry of English and other languages. Our aim is to study both
the works of art which poets make out of language and the language out
of which they make such works.