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PAMLA 2010 Special Session: Lilo's O'hana: Mainland and Pacific children meet through media

Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 4:10pm
Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association

PAMLA 2010 Conference: "Picturing Oceania and the Pacific."

PAMLA will host its 108th Annual Conference on Saturday and Sunday, November 13-14, 2010, at Chaminade University, Honolulu, Hawaii. Please save the date. This is certain to be one of PAMLA's most beautiful conference sites ever.

Special Session Title:

"Lilo's O'hana: Mainland and Pacific children meet through media"

In light of the PAMLA drive to encourage works "Picturing Oceania and the Pacific," this special session seeks proposals that engage childhood representations of the Pacific through mass media.

Making Sense: Thinking & Feeling Texts. April 15-17, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 4:00pm
The University of Virginia Department of English

Why do we feel when we read? From catharsis in tragedy to laughter in comedy, many types of art can be categorized by the sensual reaction we have while we experience them. But our understanding of these reactions can at times seem limited to the biological. Our senses do not just perceive the physical; they serve physiologically liminal roles which govern our interactions with the world surrounding us. This conference will investigate both the role of sense in perceiving the textual and the sensory aspects of texts. Topics will include the five physical senses, affect and sensibility, and the ways in which relationships with other people and environments are conducted and understood through the senses.

MLA 2011: Names in Children's and Young Adult Literature

Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 2:55pm
Keith Dorwick

For much of its history, literature written for young people has been concerned with the idea of names. One might think of the conversation between the White Knight and Alice in which what a song is called is sharply (if nonsensically) distinguished from its name, or of Ged's long search for his own shadow's name. For this panel, a collaboration between the American Name Society and the MLA Division for Children's Literature, co-chairs Keith Dorwick of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and Donna Lillian, East Carolina University, seek five hundred word abstracts.

Blogging Domesticity: Lives on Display, American Studies Association Conference, San Antonio, November 18-21, 2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010 - 1:25pm
Anne Bruder / Bryn Mawr College

Until relatively recently,hand embroidery, lace tatting, and vegetable canning might have suggested female confinement and domestic malaise to some. Now as Second Wave feminists begin to retire from their working lives outside the home, new generations of women have reappropriated their mothers' and grandmothers' needle and the spool, turning granny squares and crocheted doilies into fashionable accessories, symbols of a new and liberated domesticity. In their construction of intimate communities of unseen multitudes, female bloggers have both documented and propelled this movement. This panel seeks to investigate the intersection of identity formation, new domesticity, and internet technologies. We ask what kind of selves are produced on blogs? How

The Voynich Manuscript & Other "Cryptotexts"

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 8:03pm
SCRIPT - scriptjournal.studiohyperset.com

SCRIPT 1.2 will feature a special section concerned with the Voynich manuscript and other "cryptotexts."

Pennsylvania Literary Journal - March 25 Deadline

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 7:17pm
"New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature"/ Pennsylvania Literary Journal

The peer-reviewed Pennsylvania Literary Journal, http://sites.google.com/site/pennsylvaniajournal, is now accepting submissions for the Summer 2010 Special Issue, "New and Old Historical Perspectives on Literature." In the 1980's Stephen Greenblatt developed "New Historicism." Despite H. Aram Veeser's 1989 anthology, The New Historicism, and numerous other publications in this field, one is left puzzled about why a historical examination of literature is "new." Essays should either strive to define new or old historicism, or should practice a historical evaluation of literature.

[UPDATE: extended deadline to January 15th] Performance and Performativity

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 5:35pm
Université de Montréal: English Graduate Student Society (EGSS)

"Somebody or Something Else": EGSS's 7th Graduate Conference on Performance and Performativity

"I love acting. It is so much more than real life."
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

The 7th Annual Tolkien at UVM Conference: Tolkien in the Classroom [Reminder]

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 1:43pm
Tolkien at The University of Vermont

This April 9-11, 2010, the English department will host the three-day J.R.R. Tolkien conference. Leslie Donovan will be our guest speaker. Papers can be on any subject but special consideration will be given to those abstracts relating to the theme of Tolkien in the classroom. Please submit abstracts or complete 8-10 page papers electronically to cvaccaro@uvm.edu by January 15, 2010.

[UPDATE] Kurt Vonnegut at the ALA, San Francisco, May 27-30, 2010 (proposals due Jan 15, 2010)

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 12:53pm
The Kurt Vonnegut Society

The Kurt Vonnegut Society

Call for Papers

The Kurt Vonnegut Society (www.vonnegutsociety.net) invites proposals for papers to be presented at two sessions of the 2010 American Literature Association in San Francisco, CA, May 27-30. Presenters need not be members of the Kurt Vonnegut Society (though we certainly hope they will join). Please send a 250-word abstract for 15-minute presentations, along with a brief CV, to Robert Tally at robert.tally@txstate.edu by January 15, 2010.

Film (Regular Session) 2010 SAMLA Convention

Thursday, December 31, 2009 - 11:21am
Adrienne Angelo / SAMLA

In keeping with the theme of the 2010 SAMLA convention, this panel seeks paper proposals that address the interplay of text and image. Possible topics may include but are not limited to: cinematic adaptations of literary works, film theory and authorship, reflexivity in film and literature, and the relationship of word and image in national cinemas and cinematic traditions. By May 15, 2010, please send proposals of approximately 500 words with presenter's name, academic affiliation, and contact information (including e-mail and mailing addresses) to Adrienne Angelo, Auburn University, at ama0002@auburn.edu. All submissions will be acknowledged.

Student Journal for Everyday Criticism

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - 11:14pm

The Student Journal for Everyday Criticism (SJEC) is a new collaborative, peer-reviewed and freely-distributed quarterly academic journal dedicated to the publication of work in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies. Our primary concern is the intersection of Critical Theory and praxis: Does Theory inform one's perception of the everyday, and if so, in what ways? Does an understanding of Critical Theory lead to a better understanding of the world? Can the study of Theory lead one to effect change in the everyday? In short: What is Theory good for?

CFP for Panel on Independent Media (ASA 2010)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - 11:00am
American Studies Association

I am seeking participants for a panel for the American Studies Association Annual Meeting: "Crisis, Chains, and Change: American Studies for the 21st Century," November 18-21, 2010, San Antonio, Texas

Panel Theme: Mediating Change: Identity and Activism in Independent Media

2010 MLG Institute on Culture and Society, June 14-20, 2010, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia, Canada (02/15/2010

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 - 6:06pm
Marxist Literary Group

Call for Papers
2010 Marxist Literary Group, Institute on Culture and Society
Special Topic: "The Dialectic"
Deadline for Proposals: February 15, 2010.

The 2010 Marxist Literary Group's Institute on Culture and Society (MLG-ICS) will convene this summer in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, June 15-20, on the campus of St. Francis Xavier University. The (particularly timely) special topic of the 2010 ICS will be "The Dialectic."

Food, Drink, and Willa Cather's Writing: June 3-5, 1910

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 - 3:13pm
Willa Cather Foundation

A Scholars' Symposium, on June 3, will kick off the annual Cather Spring Conference, this year an exploration of the importance of food and drink in Cather's writing. This day of scholarly papers and discussion will be followed by two days of events related to the conference theme, including kitchen tours at Cather-related sites, food and wine tastings, talks, panels, and discussions of food-and-drink-related issues in Cather's work and life, and a variety of celebratory events in Cather's Nebraska home town and the surrounding countryside.

[UPDATE] Hybridity: Intersections of History, Identity, and Technology CFPs deadline January 8, 2010

Sunday, December 27, 2009 - 9:23pm
Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric @ University of Alaska Anchorage

Organized by Department of English graduate students at UAA, the 15th annual Pacific Rim Conference on Literature and Rhetoric welcomes proposals in literary studies, composition/rhetoric, linguistics, history, and other related fields. This year's conference explores hybridity constructed within overlapping intersections of history, identity and technology. We draw its meaning from Homi Bhabha's discussion of the forms, entities, or

Labor and Migration in the Americas

Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 11:16am
Mercyhurst College Colloquium on the Americas

Labor and Migration in the Americas: Mercyhurst College Colloquium on the Americas,
April 16-17, 2010

The Mercyhurst College Colloquium on the Americas is seeking papers, presentations and panels from any discipline on topics discussing the peoples of the Americas and how they perceive/relate to issues of work and labor.

Possible topics include but are by no means limited to:

* Literature and/or Cinema And The Working Life
* Globalization And International Division Of Labor
* Legacies Of The New Deal
* Women, Minorities And Civil Rights Labor Issues
* Wage Earners, Unemployment And The Living Wage
* The Great Migration

Beyond the Cold War: New Directions in Soviet, Central and Eastern European Cinema Studies

Friday, December 25, 2009 - 11:48pm
Dr John Haynes/University of Essex

The Centre for Film Studies at the University of Essex, UK, is pleased to announce the international conference ''Beyond the Cold War: New Directions in Soviet, Central and Eastern European Cinema Studies'. This conference, featuring a range of distinguished speakers, aims to offer both a survey and a critical, reflective assessment of the broad range of new and emerging approaches to the study of cinema under the conditions of State Socialism in Central and Eastern Europe.

UPDATE: Shakespeare: _Hamlet_ Due March 31, 2010

Thursday, December 24, 2009 - 10:23am
In-between: Essays & Studies in Literary Criticism

_In-between_ invites full length articles on _Hamlet_ (four to eight thousand words) which focus on current critical preoccupations with the play in the academy as well as outside of it. Please (i) air-mail one hard copy along with (ii) a copy of your cv if you have one handy, and (iii) email the text of the article along with (iv) a hundred word note for the contributors' column.

Please use any software, double space, single quotes, double quotes for quotes within quotes, outside punctuation, en dash flanked by single space in place of two hyphens, British spelling except, of course, for quoted matter, single space between sentences, no space between paragraphs, and auto-footnotes.

Call for Papers: Theatre Arts Journal - Studies in Scenography and Performance (Deadline March 31, 2010)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 3:34pm
Tel-Aviv University

We are proud to announce the inaugural issue of THEATRE ARTS JOURNAL: STUDIES IN SCENOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE (TAJ), a peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal dedicated to investigation of current issues in scenography in performing arts. Please visit our website, http://www.taj.tau.ac.il . We welcome your submissions to our journal.


Civilisation and Fear: Writing and the Subject/s of Ideology

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 9:12am
The Institute of English Cultures and Literatures, University of Silesia in cooperation with The Committee on Literature Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences

Civilisation and Fear: Writing and the Subject/s of Ideology

Conference Call for Papers

22-25 September 2OlO
Ustron, Poland

And I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you;
I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
(T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land, ll.27-3O)

Jamesian Afterlives: Henry James sessions at American Literature Association Conference, San Francisco, May 27-30, 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 3:14pm
David McWhirter/Henry James Society

The Henry James Society will conduct two sessions at the American Literature Association 21st Annual Conference, May 27-30, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in San Francisco. For information on the conference, go to www.americanliterature.org. The Call for Papers for the sessions is as follows:

Jamesian Afterlives I: Henry James as a Site of Cultural Production.

The Resurrection of the Paranormal: Investigating Otherness in 21st Century English Studies[UPDATE extended submission deadline]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 2:50pm
North Carolina State University Association of English Graduate Students

North Carolina State University English Graduate Student Symposium [March 5-6, 2010]

Extended Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2010.

The Resurrection of the Paranormal: Investigating Otherness in 21st Century English Studies

Relevant submissions to the symposium will be considered for publication in Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora.

Keynote speakers will be Dr. Sheila Smith McKoy and author Melissa Marr.

Dr. McKoy is the Director of Africana Studies at North Carolina State University and editor of the journal Obsidian: Literature in the African Diaspora. She is also the author of the book When Whites Riot: Writing Race and Violence in American and South African Cultures.

Utopia and Dystopia - special issue of Meridian critic, Spring 2010; Deadline for submission: 15 March 2010

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 2:17pm
Dr. Cornelia Macsiniuc, University of Suceava, Department of English; Otilia Ignatescu, University of Suceava, Department of Education Sciences

The academic journal Meridian critic (The Annals of Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava, Literature Series) invites submissions for its first issue in 2010, dedicated to Utopia and Dystopia. Man's perennial concern with bettering the world, as well as the anxieties at the potentially regressive nature of the utopian ideal – always attended by an indelible ambiguity –, has generated a wealth of creative manifestations, claimed variously by literature and the arts, by history, philosophy, sociology, etc.

[UPDATE] Final Call--Visual Arts in the 21st Century

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 12:05pm
Rupkatha Journal on Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities

In the wake of the digital revolution and globalisation policies the whole world is witnessing formation of certain conditions which are having and will continue to have tremendous impact on the production, reproduction, access, dissemination and appreciation of visual arts. While the old art forms and artworks are being revisited and reproduced in wholly new ways and for a variety of purposes, new types in the forms of digital arts are surfacing not only on the internet but also every place of our visual culture. The place and workplace of the artist also has undergone a radical change.

[UPDATE] UPSTAGE: A New Journal of Fin-de-Siecle Dramatic Literature, Theatre, and Theatrical Culture (February 15, 2010)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 9:38am
Helena Gurfinkel/Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Michelle Paull/ St. Mary's University College

UPSTAGE, a new peer-reviewed online publication dedicated to research in turn-of-the-century dramatic literature, theatre, and theatrical culture, seeks submissions for its inaugural issue scheduled for the spring or summer of 2010. This is a development of the pages published under this name as part of THE OSCHOLARS, and will henceforth be an independently edited journal in the oscholars group published at www.oscholars.com, as part of our expanding coverage of the different cultural manifestations of the fin de siècle.