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> (Note from Michael Gamer):

> Hello there. This just came through on my list, and I thought the
> information might prove useful to grad-students working in and around
> romanticism. New journals are often
> fruitful places to send your work to, especially if you're at all nervous
> about sending your work out.
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> ROMANTICISM is the new journal of Romantic culture and criticism. The
> only major international scholarly publication of its kind edited and
> published in Britain, ROMANTICISM offers a much-needed forum for the
> flourishing diversity of Romantic studies today. Focusing on the period
> 1750-1850, the journal publishes critical, historical, textual and
> bibliographic essays and notes prepared to the highest scholarly
> standards reflecting the full range of current methodological and
> theoretical debate. Literary studies of all kinds are represented, and
> there is coverage too of interdisciplinary and comparative approaches
> to Romantic culture. An extra dimension that will be welcomed by
> readers is the substantial reviews section, covering major new studies
> in depth together with shorter notices of a variety of other relevant
> materials. With a distinguished board of advisory editors to referee
> all contributions, ROMANTICISM constitutes a vital new arena for scholarly
> debate in this liveliest field of literary studies.
> Editorial Board:
> Drummond Bone
> Department of English
> University of Glasgow
> Glasgow G12 8QQ
> Nicholas Roe
> School of English
> University of St. Andrews
> St Andrews KY16 9AL
> Timothy Webb
> Department of English
> University of Bristol
> 3/5 Woodland Road
> Bristol BS8 1TB
> Advisory Board:
> John Barnard, Anne Barton, John Donovan, Kelvin Everest, David Fairer,
> Neil Fraistat, Paul Hamilton, Lilla Crisafulli Jones, John Kerrigan,
> Greg Kucich, Nigel Leask, J.C.C. Mays, Vincent Newey, Lucy Newlyn, Michael
> O'Neill, Susan Wolfson.
> Note to contributors:
> Contributions to a John Keats bicentenary issue in 1995, and to future
> issues of ROMANTICISM, will be welcomed by the editors at addresses
> listed above. Typescripts should be double-spaced throughout and prepared
> to the MHRA stylesheet. Please supply a stamped-addressed envelope or
> international mail coupons if you wish you typescript to be returned.
> Subscriptions:
> Please send queries to
> Subscriptions
> Edinburgh University Press Ltd
> 22 George Square
> Edinburgh EH8 9LF
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