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Michael Laplace-Sinatra

The first issue of *Romanticism On the Net* - an electronic journal
entirely devoted to Romantic Studies - is now available. *Romanticism On
the Net* is an international quarterly academic journal.

Table of Contents of *Romanticism On the Net* Issue 1 (February 1996):

- Kris Steyaert (University College London): 'Poetry as Enforcement:
Conquering the Muse in Keats's "Ode to Psyche"'
- David S. Miall (University of Alberta): 'Electronic Romanticism: The CD'
- Joel Pace (Blackfriars, Oxford): 'Emotion and Cognition in *The Prelude*'
- Bruce Graver (Providence College): 'Duncan Wu's *Wordsworth's Reading:
1770-1799*: A Supplementary List with Corrections'

- Nicola Trott (University of Glasgow): 'On Emma Clery, *The Rise of
Supernatural Fiction 1762-1800*'
- Matthew Scott (Magdalen College, Oxford): 'On Nicholas Roe (ed.),
*Keats and History*'
- Mark Sandy (University of Durham): 'On David Duff, *Romance and
Revolution: Shelley and the Politics of a Genre*'

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--Michael Laplace-Sinatra
----Editor *Romanticism On the Net*
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