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Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
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    An Interdisciplinary Journal of Medieval Studies World Wide

            Editor-in-Chief: Sandro Sticca

MEDIAEVALIA is an interdisciplinary journal of scholarship on the Middle
Ages, as broadly defined. It also publishes articles on philosophy, art
history, literature and history that, though not strictly interdisiplinary
in themselves, may by their content lead to interdisciplinary application.
The editors especially invite submissions on the history of science. In
the development of new knowledge, we seek to encourage significant new
approaches in both European and non European medieval and early modern
studies on the part of both established and junior scholars.

MEDIAEVALIA will also consider proposals for special issues by guest
editors. No subsidy is required.
Manuscripts to be considered for publication should be double-spaced
throughout, in the main text and in the apparatus, and should be
submitted in duplicate copies, together with a copy on floppy disk in
Word Perfect 5./6.0 and a self-addressed, stamped envelope. They should
be sent to Sandro Sticca, Editor-in-Chief, to the CEMERS address. In
matters of style the Journal follows the MLA handbook as its basic style
manual except that publishers need not be indicated in citations. In
general, a manuscript should not exceed 40 pages of text; it should never
be fewer than 15 pages of text.

Beginning with volume 21, annual subscription rates for two issues: $20.00
for individuals, $15.00 for students, $25.00 for institutions. Present
and future subscribers are invited to make a check payable to
SSIPS/CEMERS and send it to Parviz Morewedge at the CEMERS address.

Manuscripts and correspondence should be sent to:

Sandro Sticca, Editor-in-Chief, MEDIAEVALIA
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Binghamton University, PO Box 6000
Binghamton, New York 13902-6000
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