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Steven J. Willett


As a result of the current renaissance in literary prosody, a group
of scholars in a wide range of fields has recently banded together
to create an innovative web site called "Versification." Its purpose
is to encourage serious, multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging debate
on all aspects of literary prosody. The site will feature a refereed
journal, book reviews, running bibliographies, information on
developments in the field, links to other sites of interest and a
Colloquium for lively, informal discussions of all matters pertaining
to versification.

To find "Versification," point your browser at:

Currently available at the site are two important essays by Richard
D. Cureton: (1) "A Disciplinary Map for Verse Study" and (2) a review
article of Helen Vendler's _Poems, Poets, Poetry: An Introduction and
Anthology_ (Bedford Books, Boston, 1997).

The editors of "Versification" are Steven J. Willet and David J. Rothman.
The Board of Editors includes

Derek Attridge
Terry V. F. Brogan
Richard D. Cureton
Michael Hammond
Samuel J. Keyser
H. T. Kriby-Smith
Olle Kjellin
Brennan O'Donnell
David J. Rothman
Diane Arnson Svarlien
Marina Tarlinskaja
Steven J. Willett.

At this point, we are ready to begin publication, and we invite you to submit
essays, short articles, reviews of current books and other relevant

(a) either by email directly to

(b) or by diskette (MSDOS/Windows 95 Word and Lotus AmiPro 3.1/WordPro
only) to

Steven J. Willett
University of Shizuoka, Hamamatsu Campus
2-3, Nunohashi 3-chome
Hamamastu City
Japan 433
Voice: (53) 475-4714
Fax: (53) 475-4714.


David J. Rothman
PO Box 1296 / #1 First St. [UPS only]
Crested Butte, CO 81224.

Please review the "Guidelines for Submissions" carefully on the web
page. Versification wants to publish scholarship that is not only
cutting edge, provocative and compelling, but also a delight--or at
least not a torture--to read. Besides English, submissions may also
be in French, German and Spanish. All scholarly essays submitted
for publication will be read by at least two members of the board,
with anonymous comments available to all potential contributors.

What follows is the official statement of purpose for "Versification," which
readers can also find at the page itself.


Prosody, broadly defined, is the study of how languages organize
sound and the ways in which sound interacts with meaning. It is an
ancient field that began with the study of poetry, but in the last
several hundred years has expanded to include many other areas of
study as well, such as linguistics, phonetics, artificial
intelligence, and anthropology.

Literary prosody--the oldest branch of prosodic study--has in recent
years been experiencing a renaissance after a period of relative
neglect. VERSIFICATION aims both to encourage and participate in
that renaissance by providing an interdisciplinary forum where
scholars, students, critics, writers and artists from many different
fields can explore the role that sound plays in poetry. Our aim is
to study both the works of art which poets make out of language and
the language out of which they make such works.

We invite all those interested in questions of language and art to join us in
our attempts to understand poetry, language, and poetic language. We
encourage submissions and informal discussion on a wide range of topics,
focusing on poetries from classical to contemporary, and drawing on diverse
approaches to the subject.

VERSIFICATION provides a number of services, including

* An eclectic, multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed electronic journal
devoted to questions of literary prosody and its related fields

* full-length reviews and discussions of recent books, conferences, and
contemporary issues of interest

* An informal colloquium in which subscribers can comment on, ask questions
about, and discuss issues in the field

* A continually updated and searchable critical bibliography, based on
T. V. F. Brogan's _Versification: 1570-1980_, which contains the
largest available database on literary and linguistic prosody
available in the world

* Announcements of conferences, journal issues, and forthcoming books
on various aspects of prosody

* Links to relevant electronic sites and discussions groups,
including the new Versification special interest mailing list
scheduled to start in 1998.

We hope that readers of this list find "Versification" of interest, and we
encourage you to visit, participate in the discussion and submit new work.
Steven J. Willett
University of Shizuoka, Hamamatsu College
2-3, Nunohashi 3-chome
Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Japan 432
Voice: (53) 457-4514; Fax: (53) 457-4555

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