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                        Call for Papers for

            _TLWC: Teaching Literature with Computers_

        a refereed, Web-based online collection, available at


_TLWC: Teaching Literature with Computers_ invites contributions of
articles that describe and analyze the use of computer technology in
teaching literature. Articles should provide detailed accounts of the use
of computers in teaching literature, in or out of the classroom, whether
for specific activities, lessons, units, courses, or curricula. Articles
should briefly describe the environment (hardware, software, layout) in
which the class is taught, provide some account of student demographics,
and analyze the computer use they describe: what is the particular
pedagogical utility of this use of computers? What does it accomplish?
And what does it accomplish that is different from what one might do by
traditional means? How does this use of computers to teach literature
particularly succeed? And what are its weaknesses? And how would the
author improve the activity in the future?

Articles may discuss any use of computers in teaching literature,
including (but not limited to) synchronous and asynchronous discussion,
MOOs, using and authoring hypertext/hypermedia, CD-ROMs, the World-Wide
Web, online textbooks, word processing, and authoring software and
multimedia packages. Articles should focus primarily on classroom and
course-related applications of computer technology. Articles that relate
classroom applications of computer technology to particular theoretical
concerns are also welcome.

Please submit articles as HTML files or as ASCII text. We encourage the
submission of

        * articles that consist of multiple text and graphics files and
          that take advantage of the full capacities of hypertext;

        * articles accompanied and supported by a rich range of course
          materials, samples of student works, and links to relevant
          Websites; and,

        * plain-text articles.

Guidelines for submitting articles via ftp may be found on the TLWC homepage at

Please address all inquiries and proposals for articles to the Editor,
Seth Katz, at

Hard-copy correspondence to the Editor may be addressed to:

        c/o Seth Katz
        Department of English
        Bradley University
        Peoria, Illinois 61625

Seth R. Katz |
Editor | Assistant Professor
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