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daniel jeremiah smith


                      Call for Papers

*Where are the Humanities going?*
CHJ wants papers that challenge traditionally-held notions within the
humanities and that question boundaries between disciplines. . .
papers that critique literature and literary theory, social sciences,
history, musicology, law, philosophy, psychology. . .papers that debate
issues of interdisciplinarity and chart new directions for the humanities.

CHJ is the University of Chicago's first graduate student journal of the
humanities, and aims to serve as a forum for critical discussions on

Submission guidelines:
        --DEADLINES: for Summer '97 issue, May 30, 1997
                          Winter '97, October 31, 1997
        --Specifications: please submit in hard copy AND on floppy disk
(in a recent, popular word processing program) since CHJ is in print and
online. Manuscripts: double-spaced, <10,000 words including endnotes,
citations following the Chicago Manual of Style
        --ADDRESS (include an SASE for a reply):
                The Chicago Humanities Journal
                c/o Master of Arts Program in Humanities
                University of Chicago, Humanities Division
                1050 East 59th Street
                Chicago IL 60637
                UNITED STATES

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact the editors:
        Josh Shaw
        Daniel J. Smith
        Peter Theis


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