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Theresa D. Kemp

                     CALL FOR ESSAYS AND ARTICLES


How do you teach about sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms
of oppression? Have you developed lesson plans or courses dealing
with AIDS, human rights, anti-Semitism, peace and justice, violence
against women, world politics, imperialism, or the environment from
a feminist perspective?

_Feminist Teacher_ seeks essays, articles, course descriptions,
bibliographies, and letters-to-the collective describing how
educators address these and other issues in the classroom.
_Feminist Teacher_ is committed to publishing articles that
challenge traditional teaching practices, disciplinary canons,
research methodologies, and approaches to daily classroom
interactions. The journal also seeks reviews of books,
periodicals, and videos that address pedagogical issues from a
feminist perspective.

_Feminist Teacher_, published three times a year, reaches educators
in a variety of disciplines and at all grade levels -- preschool
through graduate school, in traditional as well as nontraditional
classroom settings. We ask authors to keep the diversity of this
audience in mind and to avoid technical or abstract language. To
make syllabi as useful and accessible as possible to readers, we
ask that contributors include full citations of all texts as well
as a brief introduction to clarify the background, primary
concerns, or other important aspects of the class or material.

Manuscripts submitted to _Feminist Teacher_ should be sent in
triplicate, with the author's name, address, and institutional
affiliation on the cover page only (i.e., do not put your name on
any text pages). Manuscripts should follow the form specified in
our "Guidelines for Authors" (available upon request), and be
accompanied by a return envelope and return postage. The
"Guidelines for Authors" is generally consistent with the MLA
Handbook and/or the MLA Style Book (4th Edition).

Please send manuscripts or requests for further information to:

                         Theresa D. Kemp
                         University of Alabama at Birmingham
                         Department of English
                         217 Humanities Building
                         900 South 13th Street
                         Birmingham, AL 35294-1260

Requests for information only may be e-mailed to TKEMP_at_UAB.EDU
(Manuscripts will not be accepted electronically)

English Dept.
University of Alabama at Birmingham
217 Humanities Building
900 South 13th Street
Birmingham, AL 35294-1260

tkemp_at_UAB.EDU (205) 934-8596
                                (205) 934-4250
                            FAX (205) 975-8125

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