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D K Manley


Submissions are invited for Issues 3 and 4 of 'Performance Practice', a
peer-reviewed journal, which deals with the processes of making creative
practical work for and with students. Papers concerned with
interdisciplinary investigations, mixed-media presentations and/or
installations are as appropriate to the philosophical 'brief' of
'Performance Practice' as are more ostensibly conventional

The policy of 'Performance Practice' is to recognise diverse forms of
documentation in much the same way that one would seek to encourage a
variety of directorial methodologies. The concern of the recently
appointed Editorial Board is that the journal foregrounds a
concentration on performance as an event which is always distinct from
the 'dramatic text' of literary discourse.

'Performance Practice' Is perhaps most usefully described as one aspect
of the production-process; an aspect that always strives to be more
provocative than prescriptive and which allows the creative event a
resonance beyond its immediate, original audience.

Authors submitting material for inclusion retain copyright of their
work. Submitted articles are sent 'blind' to appropriate members of the
board for approval and/or comments. Authors of accepted articles will be
invited to submit a brief synopsis of their careers and research
Interests to date. 'Performance Practice' has a commitment to the
retainment of the author's voice; as such, only those sections of text
which are considered to impede the reader's understanding will be
subject to editorial alteration. The editorial team will endeavour to
check any amendments with authors prior to publication. wherever
possible, articles should be submitted in Word 6, on HD PC disks and
printed version to John Freeman, 'Performance Practice', University
College Chester, Cheyney Rd, Chester CHI 4BJ UK. Alternatively. material
can be faxed on 01244 373379 or e-mailed to

Numbers 1 and 2, alongside all future Issues of 'Performance Practice',
are available at, or Copies in
magazine format are available by subscription.

Editor: John Freeman University College Chester)
Review Board: Gerry Harris (Lancaster University), Barry Edwards
(Reader, Brunel University),Dr. Sue Purdie (University of Plymouth),
Marsha Meskimmon (Staffordshire University), Prof. Robert Germay
(University of Liege), Prof. James De Paul (University of Wisconsin).

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