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Francesca Sautman

     Announcing a new journal:


        *Medieval Folklore Studies* considers folklore as the
unofficial culture of the majority, the foundation upon which
more institutionalized productions of culture are based, the
protean culture often discovered within the interstices of
institution and authority. Folklore can be viewed as the
"vernacular" language of social practices, and the collective
ritualization of actions and gestures.

     The essays in our pages approach folklore with a wide range
of interpretive strategies and work on various levels. Our
contributors draw on innovative perspectives within long
established fields such as archeology, linguistics, literature
and social history, as well as upon the newest thinking in the
younger fields of cultural studies, postmodern anthropology, and
queer theory. In addition, we are committed to the use of
cutting-edge folklore methodologies and approaches, and to
exploring the many ways in which myth and folklore can be brought
back to the surface of medieval literary texts.

     *Medieval Folklore Studies* is open to essays reflecting a
wide range of methods, perspectives, interests and philosophies.

     *Medieval Folklore Studies* is published by Hisarlik Press
 and comes out twice a year, in January and in
September. Articles in special issues must be in English and will
be accompanied by a brief summary in French. Essays in general
issues can be in other languages as well, and will be accompanied
by a brief summary in English.

     All permissions for photographic reproductions must be
secured in advance, by the author of the article.

     Texts must be submitted with a diskette in IBM compatible
format, in either WP or Word, preferably the former.

     Editorial Board:
        Co-editors: Francesca Canade‚ Sautman (Hunter Colleg and
Graduate School of CUNY) and Madeleine Jeay (McMaster
        Leslie Abend Callahan (Vassar).
        Carl Lindahl (University of Houston)


     Calendar of deadlines for Medieval Folklore Studies:

Vol 1 "Women and Gender in Medieval Folklore": publication date
March 1998, deadline for submissions: October 1997
Vol. 2 General issue: publication September 1998; deadline for
submissions: March 1998
Vol. 3 "Race, Ethnicity and Culture": publication date January
1999; deadline for submissions: September 1998
Vol. 4 General issue: publication September 1999; deadline for
submissions: March 1999.
Vol. 5. "Medievalism and Modern Folklore": January 2000;
submissions: Sept. 1999
Vol. 6. General. September 2000; submissions, March 2000
Vol. 7. "Medieval Folklore and Material Culture": Jan. 2001.
Submissions: Sept. 2000
Vol. 8. General. September 2001; submissions: March 2001
Vol. 9 "Technology and Industrial Folklore in the Middle Ages":
Jan 2002; submissions: Sept. 2001


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