CFP: English Women's Works 1500-1750 (series of edited volumes)

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15 October 1997

The following volumes are currently being organized for Series I and
OF ESSENTIAL WORKS, 1500-1750. Volume editors will be involved with the
selection of copy for the volume and will write a short essay (ca.
1000-3000) words, including a bibliography. Prospective contributors to
what is conceived of as an international effort are invited to write to
the general editors (Betty S. Travitsky, 1890 East 12 Street, Brooklyn,
NY 11229, USA; Patrick Cullen, 300 West 108 Street, Apt. 8D, New York, NY
10025, USA), expressing their interest and expertise in the subject of the
volume and enclosing a cv.

1. SERIES I. PRINTED WRITINGS, 1500-1640, PART III. (Part III is the open
part of Series I, designed to respond to the ongoing discoveries of texts
and authorship made by researchers in the field.)

1. Elizabeth Tyrwhit, Morning and evening prayers, with divers psalmes
himnes and meditations. 1574.

2. Man, Judith, trans. An epitome of the history of faire Argenis and
Polyarchus, put in French, by N. Coeffeteau. 1640. [By John Barclay].

3. Late Medieval Englishwomen to Reach Print before 1700: Berners,
Juliana, The booke of haukyng, huntyng and fysshyng (1496); Juliana of
Norwich, XVI revelations of divine love (1670); Margary Kempe, Boke of
Margary Kempe (1501).

4. Percy, Mary [Isabella Christina Bellinzaga], trans. An abridgement of
christian perfection. 1612 + [By Father Achilles Galliardi or Gagliardi.]

5. Greenbury, Catherine [Catherine of St. Francis], trans. Short Relation of
the Life of St. Elizabeth. 1628. [By Franciscus Paludanus].

6. Bentley, Catharine ?and Evelinge, Elizabeth [Sister Magdalen Augustin ?and
Sister Catharine of St. Magdalen ], trans. History of the angelicall virgin
glorious S. Clare. [By Francis Henricq.] 1635.

7. Phoenix, Anne (?). The saints legacies: or, a collection of certaine
promises out of the word of God. 3rd edition. 1633.

8. Campbell, Anne, trans. El Alma del incomparable San Augustin Sacada del
Cuerpo de sus Confessiones. 1622.

9. Pudentiana Deacon[s], trans. Delicious Entertainments of the Soul.
1632. [By Francis de Sales].


1. Life Writing (2 volumes):
        Hannah Allen, Satan, His Methods and Malice Baffled; Susannah
Blandford, Small account; Barbara Blaugdone, Account of the Travels; Susan
Davy, Heaven Realiz'd; Susanna Parr, Susanna's Apologie Against the
Elders; Anne Gerard Wyndham, Claustrum Regale Reservatum or the King's
Concealment at Trent; Frances Cooke, Mris. Cookes Meditations; Mary White
Rowlandson, A True History of the Captivity and Restoration; Elizabeth
White, Experiences of Gods Gracious Dealing; Katherine Evans and Sarah
Cheevers, Short Relation of Some of the Cruel Sufferings . . . in the Isle
of Malta; Anne Wentworth, Vindication of Anne Wentworth; Theodosia
Alleine, Life and Death of . . . Mr. Joseph Alleine; Mary Carleton [in
part], Historical Narrative of the German Princess

2. Mothers' Advice Books (1 volume):
        Susanna Bell, Legacy of a Dying Mother; Elizabeth Richardson,
Ladies Legacie to her daughters

3. Domestic Skills and Advice Books (1-2 volumes):
        M. H., Young Cooks Monitor; or, Directions for Cookery and Distilling;
Elizabeth Talbot Grey, C. of Kent, Choice Manuall; ---, True Gentlewomans
Delight; Mary Tillinghast, Rare and Excellent Receipts; Judith Drake (?), Essay
in Defence of the Female Sex; Six Familiar Essays upon Marriage; Susanna
Jesserson, Bargain for Bachelors

4. Educational and Vocational Books (1-2 volumes):
        Bathsua Makin, Essay to Revive the Antient Education of
Gentlewomen; Anna Maria van Schurman, The Learned Maid; ---The Parallel
;--- Advice to the Women and Maidens of London; Mary Trye, Medicatrix, or
the woman-physician; Jane Sharp, Midwives' Book; Elizabeth Cellier, To Dr.
-. . .

5. Occasional Ephemera/Almanacs (1 volume):
        Mary Holden, The Woman's Almanack . . . for the year of . . .
1689; Sarah Jinner, An almanack . . . for . . . 1659; and for . . . 1659;
and for . . . 1660; and for . . . 1664; Dorothy Partridge, The Woman's
Almanack for . . . 1694

6. Occasional Ephemera/Broadsides and News Pamphlets (1-2 volumes):
        Margaret Clark, True Confession ; Elinor James, Mrs. James' Advice
. . .; Case between a Father and His Children; Mrs. James's Defence . . .
; An Injur'd Prince Vindicated; and May It Please Your Majesty; and Most
Dear Sovereign; My Lord . . .; and My Lords, I Can Assure . . .; My Lords,
You Can't Be Sensible . . .; Mrs. James Her New Answear; Sir, My Lord
Major; This Being . . .; To the Honourable Convention; To the Honourable
the House of Commons; To the Kings Most Excellent Majesty; To the Right
Honourable Convention; To the Right Honourable the House of Lords; To the
Right Honourable, the Lord Mayor; Mrs. James Vindication of the Church of
England; Mary Moore, Wonderfull News from the North ; Hester Shaw, Mrs.
Shaw's Innocency Restored ; Leticia Wiginton, Confession and Execution ;
etc. [These items are merely illustrative.]

7. Occasional Ephemera/Political Letters and Petitions (1 volume):
        Anne, Queen of England, Princess Anne of Denmark's Letter to the
Queen; Humble Petition of the Widdows . . .; Elinor James, My Lords, Your
can't but be sensible . . .; To the Supream Authority . . . The humble
Petition of divers wel-affected Women . . .; To the Right Honourable, the
High Court of Parliament; The Humble Petition of many hundreds of
distressed Women . . .; etc. [These items are merely illustrative.]

8. Essays/tracts/treatises (1 volume):
        Answer to Pereat Papa; Priscilla Cotton, Briefe Description by way of
Supposition; Anne (Finch) Conway, Principles of the Most Ancient and Modern
Philosophy; Grace Norton Gethin, Misery's Virtues Whetstone ; Damaris Mascham,
Discourse Concerning the Love of God

9. Fiction (2-3 volumes):
        Marianna d'Alcoforado, Five Love-letters from a Nun to a Cavalier;
and Seven Portugueses Letters; Catherine Bernard, The Count of Amboise ;
and The Female Prince; Mary de la Riviere Manley, Letters Written by Mrs.
Manley ; Anna Weamys, Continuation of Sir Philip Sydney's Arcadia 10.
Plays (1 volume):
        [Ariadne], She Ventures, and He Wins; Frances Boothby, Marcelia;
Susanna Centlivre, The Perjur'd husband; Catharine Cockburn, Agnes de
Castro; and Fatal Friendship; Mary de la Riviere Manley, The Lost Lover;
and The Royal Mischief ; Elizabeth Polwhele, The Frolicks; Unnatural

11. Poetry (3-4 volumes):
        Jane Barker, Poetical Recreations; W. C., Poems on Several
Occasions; An Collins, Divine songs and meditacions; Alicia D'anvers,
Academia ; and Poem upon his Sacred Majesty ; Sarah Fyge Egerton, Female
Advocate ; and Poems on Several Occasions; Eliza's Babes ; Mary Evelyn,
Mundus muliebris; Amey Hayward, Female's Legacy; Rachael Jevon, Carmen ;
and Exultationis Carmen; Anne Killigrew, Poems ; Elizabeth Major, Honey on
the Rod [partly poetry); Ode Occasion'd by the Death of Her Sacred
Majesty; Katherine Philips, Poems ; Joan Phillips, Female Poems on Several
Occasions; Poem on the Death of the Queen; Elizabeth Rowe, Poems on
Several Occasions ; Elizabeth Tipper, Pilgrim's Viaticum

12. Religious Writings (above 5 pp), excluding Quaker and Prophetic Writings (1-
2 volumes):
        Elizabeth Eyre, Letter from a Person of Quality ; Margaret
Greenway, Lamentation against the Professing Priest . . .; Susannah
Hopton, Daily Devotions ; and Occasional Thoughts to a Vertuous or
Christian Life; Mary Boyle Rich, Countess of Warwick, Occasional
Meditations ; Elizabeth Percy, Meditations and Prayers; Anne Venn, A Wise
Virgins Lamp Burning; Sarah Wight, Wonderful Pleasant and Profitable
Letter; Anne Hyde, Duchess of York, Copy of a Paper

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