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Call for Paper for Negations, an Interdisciplinary Journal of Social

The editors of Negations draw upon the tradition of 20th century social
criticism as a springboard to understanding this present critical period. In
bringing together ideas from the arts and and humanities, and from theology,
we hope to expand the realm of discourse in such a way as to open up new
possibilities and move beyond the current stalemate; a society of warring
camps polarized between postmodernism's end-game and right-wing hegemony. As
the Marcusian term "negations" implies, we hope to negate the Negations of
further possibility which close the realm of discourse, and we hope to create
a new synthesis out of diverse and marginalized views.
        We consider figures
as diverse as Albert Schweitzer, Karl Jaspers, C. Wright Mills, and Herbert
Marcuse as springboards for discussion, but do not insist articles draw their
force from these figures. Recent articles have included discussions on
capitalism and schizophrenia, ecocriticism, and plural democracy. We welcome
interdisciplinary explorations in the humanities, including art criticism,
literary criticism, social critiques, rhetorical criticism, and theology. We
also accept creative works, visual included, and have recently published work by Frederick
        Please send inquiries to or to P. O Box
835984 Richarson, TX 75083. (please do not use "reply" to this e-mail)
Or see our web site at
 Negations is a refereed and indexed journal.
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