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                Teaching Literature with Computers:
                 A Refereed Electronic Publication

        New Publication Announcement and Call for Papers

_Teaching Literature with Computers_ is pleased to announce the publication
of a new article, "Is There a Hypertext in this Class? Teaching Victorian
Literature in the Electronic Age" by Jonathan Smith, Department of
English, U of Michigan-Dearborn. The essay describes and analyzes the use
of hypertexts, in particular George P. Landow's The Dickens Web and The In
Memoriam Web, in two undergraduate Victorian literature classes.
Hypertext is shown to encourage active student engagement, especially with
contextual material; to lead to more focused research topics; and to
facilitate student collaboration. The potential of hypertext is best
realized, however, when it is extensively integrated into a course. Focus
is thus given to two practical questions: 1) How must classroom management
and writing assignments be reconceptualized? 2) How are students to be
taught to read hypertextually? Landow's claim about the ease with which
the latter occurs is questioned.

TLWC: Teaching Literature with Computers has been created to meet the
needs of teachers at all levels of instruction who are looking for
information and ideas about how to teach literature with computers. TLWC
is looking for articles that describe in detail specific uses of computers
in teaching literature. Articles should also analyze the strengths and
weaknesses of the uses of computers described. As a peer-reviewed, online
collection, TLWC serves as a continuously growing, evolving resource,
offering challenging ideas to innovative teachers.

Articles may discuss any use of computers in teaching literature,
including (but not limited to) synchronous and asynchronous discussion,
MOOs, using and authoring hypertext/hypermedia, CD-ROMs, the World-Wide
Web, online textbooks, word processing, and authoring software and
multimedia packages. Articles should focus primarily on classroom and
course-related applications of computer technology. Articles that relate
classroom applications of computer technology to particular theoretical
concerns are also welcome, though article should focus explicitly on

For more information on and submission guidelines for TLWC, please visit
our webpage at or e-mail the editor, Seth
Katz, at

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