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CURRENT ISSUE (October, 1997):

Hussein N. Kadhim, Indiana University, Bloomington
"The Poetics of Postcolonialism: Two Qasidahs by Ahmad Shawqi."

Zahra A. Hussein Ali, Kuwait University
"The Aesthetics of Transgression: Khalil Hawi's `The Sailor and the
Dervish' and the European Grotesque."

Dmitry Frolov, Moscow University
"The Place of Rajaz in the History of Arabic Verse."

                        CALL FOR PAPERS

Since its inception in 1970 the Journal of Arabic Literature
has provided an international scholarly forum for the discussion of
Arabic literature. The Journal publishes literary critical,
comparative and historical studies, as well as reviews and
bibliographies, on a broad range of Arabic material--classical and
modern, written and oral, poetry and prose, literary and colloquial.
Studies that seek to integrate Arabic literature into the broader
discourses of the humanities and social sciences take their place
alongside technical work of a more specialized nature. The Journal
thus addresses itself to a readership in COMPARATIVE LITERATURE and
LITERARY THEORY AND METHOD, in addition to specialists in Arabic and
Middle Eastern literatures and Middle East studies generally.

We invite you to contribute to the Journal. Please send submissions
to: Editor for Islamic Studies, Brill Publishers, P.O. Box 9000, 2300
PA Leiden, The Netherlands. Contributions should be original work
which has neither been simultaneously submitted for publication
elsewhere nor published previously. Although the primary language of
the Journal is English, submissions are also accepted in French and
German. Manuscripts should be submitted in duplicate, double-spaced
throughout (including quotations, notes, bibliography) with notes at
the end, and all pages consecutively numbered. They should be
accompanied by a disk in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word or ASCII
formatting. The full address of the author should appear at the end
of the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be submitted in final publishable form. Full
and consistent bibliographical annotation is required (suggested
systems are the Chicago Manual of Style and Modern Language
Association) and consistent and appropriate transliteration of Arabic
names and terms (suggested systems are International Journal of Middle
East Studies and Library of Congress). Authors will be required to
supply camera-ready copy of any Arabic text to be included in their
In accordance with standard academic practice, articles submitted
for publication to JAL are subject to a process of peer review.

Please note that JAL no longer publishes translations per se, but only
translations that form part of a literary study.

For more information, please contact the editor at:

Or see the JAL website:

For subscription information, please contact E. J. Brill at:


Suzanne Pinckney Stetkevych, Editor
Indiana University, Bloomington

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