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Colleen T. Sell
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Biblio Magazine is actively seeking educational, informational, or
technical articles on books, book arts, book history, and book
publishing for our "Biblio University" column. Recent article topics
have been:
  "In the Lay of the Paper" (defines the varying forms of paper used in
book production), by Sidney E. Berger
  "Art for Print's Sake" (defines several types of book illustrations),
by Gene Freeman
  "Taxing Subject: Cuneiform Writing," by Daniel Lindley
  "The Grangerizing Effect" (extra-illustrated books), by Gene Freeman
  "The ABCs of Bibliographic Description" (physical characteristics of
books), by Sidney E. Berger
  "A Chapter on Chapbooks," by Daniel Lindley
  "Stop the Presses" (cancels), by Sidney E. Berger

Biblio University articles are illustrated and 750 to 1,500 words in
length. These articles must be written in a style and structure, and
with a content and context, that are appropriate for a consumer audience
composed primarily of book lovers, book collectors, and bibliophiles.

We also accept feature articles, but prefer that you first submit a
written query that outlines the topic, the story "angle," and the major
points to be covered in the article. A good way to establish the "angle"
is to submit a lead with the query. Feature articles must follow
standard consumer magazine article format and function, and must present
comprehensive, substantiated information within the envelope of a
well-told story.

No bibliographies or scholarly papers, please.

Payment is upon publication and ranges from $200 to $400 for Biblio
University columns. A byline is given, and the contributor receives two
complimentary copies of the issue in which the article appears.

All contributed material is accepted on a speculative basis only. If
accepted for publication, Aster Publishing Corporation (aka Biblio
Magazine) purchases first international serial rights and simultaneous
electronic rights (our website). [Permission to reprint is granted on a
case by case basis.] Aster Publishing reserves the right to retitle,
edit, abridge, abstract, and condense contributed material accepted for

Biblio readers have expressed interest in the following topics:

* Foredge paintings
* Appraising, valuing books
* Insuring private libraries and collections
* Cleaning and repairing pages, covers, bindings, etc.
* Computerized indexing of private library/collection
* Watermarks
* Typography (a specific, compelling aspect of this broad category)
* Paper marbling
* Chinese tea papers
* Printing (a specific, compelling aspect of this broad category)
* What a bibliography does and doesn't tell you about a book's
authorship and publishing history
* Anatomy of a book (i.e., binding, fly leaf, dustjacket, frontispiece,
* Anatomy of an illuminated manuscript; definition of

Queries may be sent via email to or faxed to
541-302-9872. Finished manuscripts may be sent via email to in TEXT ONLY format or sent via regular mail in both
hard copy (printed) and on a 3x5" computer diskette in TEXT ONLY format.
Please do not format (with word processing software) or fax finished

No phone calls, please.

Please include a statement with your manuscript or query that estabishes
your subject matter expertise and/or published writing credentials.

Thank you for your consideration.

Looking forward,

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