CFP: _Time-Sense_, a Gertrude Stein quarterly (E-journal)

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Sonja Streuber
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          an electronic quarterly on the art of Gertrude Stein

invites submissions, both critical and creative, in written, visual, and
aural media.

Recent Stein criticism has addressed such issues as her postmodern
disjunctive style, representation and the body, exile and bio/geography,
and Stein's connection with the other arts. Some criticism has tried to
reconstruct her texts, reading them from the point of view of queer,
ethnic, and theological studies. Artists have set her words to other
words, to visual art, to music, and to performance. In other words, the
vastly expanding field of Stein studies today ranges from textual and
psychoanalytic observations to cultural studies and
artistic experiments.

In this context, an ongoing examination of how we make sense of Stein in
our time is due. _Time-Sense_ welcomes written submissions from all
theoretical, critical, and creative approaches, and artistic submissions
in all reproducible media.

                          *** Please ***

      - send written submissions (including file copy on 3.5 disk) in
        regular MLA-format to Sonja Streuber,
        Department of English, One Shields Avenue, University of
        California, Davis, CA 95616 (electronic inquiries welcome at and
      - send visual/ audio submissions as .WAV, .AU, .MOV, or quicktime
        files to Stafford, 1261 Howard Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco,
        CA 94103-2711 (electronic inquiries welcome at

                           Annual Deadlines:

                    for the March issue--February 1.
                    for the June issue--May 1.
                    for the September issue--August 1.
                    for the December issue--November 1.

  Sonja H. Streuber
     Department of English * University of California * Davis, CA 95616

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