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For over thirty years, Computers and the Humanities (CHum) has been the
premier international journal for publications on language, text, and
humanities-related research.

Starting with the publication of volume 31, CHum is taking on a new
look, with a new cover and format, together with a new editorial staff
representing areas across the variety of disciplines covered by the
journal. In addition to continuing to publish top-quality articles
covering all kinds of textual analysis, corpus studies, and language and
literary analysis, we are actively seeking to extend our scope to cover
the full range of materials which are available for research in
humanities disciplines, including images, sound, speech data, etc.

We invite the submission of high-quality articles describing research
concerning the creation, representation, and maintenance of text
resources and other media, as well as descriptions of methodologies and
results of research using such materials, including statistical and
symbolic methods, strategies for information storage and retrieval, etc.
In keeping with Chum's long tradition of fostering inter-disiplinary
work, we also encourage submission of articles involving multi-lingual
and/or multi-modal applications and research.

We extend a special invitation for articles which survey the current
state-of-the-art in any relevant area. Such articles should provide an
overview of past and recent work, an assessment of the current
achievements and directions for future research, and a full bibliography
which may serve as a reference for those interested in the field. For a
recent example, see "Current Approaches to Punctuation in Computational
Linguistics", B. Say and V. Akman, Chum 30:6 (1996).

In addition to publishing full-length research articles, CHum also
publishes a section on Reports and Discussion, which includes shorter
articles reporting on projects, intermediate results, or discussing
relevant issues. Contributions to this section are also solicited.

For information about Computers and the Humanities and article
submission procedures, consult

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