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Kevin Berland
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New Annual Forthcoming:

_Eighteenth-Century Novel_ will be an annual refereed publication
dedicated to critical examination of the prose fiction of the "long"
eighteenth century, roughly 1688-1830. At present we are especially
interested in articles dealing with works written after 1730.

Requests for further information or manuscripts of 750-1,500 words
(notes) or 7,000-14,000 words (articles), prepared in compliance with the
rules and procedures outlined in _The Chicago Manual of Style_ (14th ed.)
should be submitted to

Professor Susan Spencer, Editor
_Eighteenth-Century Novel_
16 East Constance Avenue
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

E-mail inquiries should be sent to

Submissions should consist of scholarly research based on primary sources
and engage in significant critical dialogue with existing scholarly
interpretations. Contributors need not limit their discussions to works
that are part of any traditional canon; this publication welcomes fresh
perspectives on a wide range of works and authors.

The editor asks that contributors keep professional jargon to a minimum,
as the annual's intended audience includes the interested general public
and advanced undergraduates as well as professional scholars. Authors of
articles dealing extensively with works not written in English must
ensure that these works are readily available in translation; such
articles should offer clear connections to meaningful aspects of the
Anglophone novel-tradition.

Manuscripts with an interdisciplinary approach are welcome, although
their primary concern should be the interpretation of literary works.

Unsolicited book reviews will not be accepted, but those who are
interested in reviewing a book for this journal should write to the above
address or e-mail the book review editor, Margo Collins:

_Eighteenth-Century Novel_ will be published by AMS Press, 56 East 13th
Street, New York, NY 10003.

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