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Peter Sands
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_TEXT Technology: the Journal of Computer Text Processing_ seeks papers and
reviews of Internet sites and related materials. We seek reviews of
websites and web development tools relevant to humanities computing and
text processing—from word processing and concordances to SGML tools, and
everything in between. We also seek critical and analytical papers that
address issues of emerging technologies on the Internet, including the
World Wide Web, hypertext and hypermedia, innovative approaches to
teaching and research that employ Internet technologies, the state of
published research on these areas, and just about anything else to do
with the Web.

If you have an idea, but aren't sure of its "fit," please
contact the Internet Editor, Peter Sands, at

TEXT Technology: The Journal of Computer Text Processing
A 25 word description: Eclectic publication for academics and
professionals. Articles devoted to using computers to acquire,
analyze, create, edit, store, or translate texts. International in
scope and readership.

TEXT Technology: The Journal of Computer Text Processing, a quarterly,
publishes articles dealing with a variety of subjects concerning the
production, examination, or analysis of texts through electronic
means. The quarterly will publish articles on any theoretical or
practical topic dealing with the electronic production or analysis of
texts. Some possible topics are listed below in alphabetical order:
1) Annotated bibliographies
2) Book reviews
3) College or professional writing, teaching, or practical
applications in and out of the classroom, workplace, or laboratory
4) Electronic publishing and issues related to the Internet
5) Font selection, creation, manipulation
6) Hardware reviews (printers for example)
7) Hypertext
8) Internet, WorldWideWeb
9) Language, literary, and linguistic analyses of texts
10) Legal issues concerning text acquisition, production, and
11) Overviews of text-processing journals and electronic
sources of texts
12) Programming languages and texts
13) Software
14) Textual analyses in or across disciplines 15) Textual
aspects of desktop publishing

Submission of articles should be sent by both hard copy
(double-spaced) and 3.5" floppy.
The preferred wordprocessing program is WordPerfect (in any version
up to and including version 8.0 for Windows; we also accept
Microsoft Word in any version up to 7.0).
Articles on disk should also be accompanied by a version in ASCII.
Graphics should be sent as separate files and not embedded in
wordprocessing files. Graphics should be sent in EPSF (encapsulated
postscript file) or TIFF formats.
Except for pagination and italics, do not format the document with
any wordprocessing style commands or codes.
The maximum word length is 8,000.
The preferred style is MLA. Do not use footnotes. Any notes should
be numbered and entered at the end of the paper. Do not embed any
notes in any style commands.

Send INTERNET queries and submissions to:
Peter Sands, TEXT Technology Internet Editor
c/o English Department
Curtin Hall, Box 413
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Phone: 414.229.4416
Fax: 414.229.2643--fax

Send all other submissions and queries directly to the editor:
Arthur A. Molitierno
Editor, TEXT Technology
Wright State University
Lake Campus
7600 State Route 703E
Celina, OH 45822-2952
Phone: 419-586-0317
Fax: 419-586-0368
Subscription Information

TEXT Technology: The Journal of Computer Text Processing
Rates for subscriptions are as follows:
All Prices are in United States Dollars and Include Postage and
Handling Charges Payment may be made in Visa, MasterCharge, and
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US Individuals $45.00
US Institutions $60.00
Canadian Individuals $52.00
Canadian Institutions $79.00
Other Nations Individuals $72.00
Other Nations Institutions $87.00
Back Issues $20.00

For subscription information (discounts may be available), contact the
Business Manager:
Joseph Cavanaugh
Business Manager, TEXT Technology
Wright State University
Lake Campus
7600 State Route 703
Celina OH 45822-2952
Phone: 419-586-0353
Fax: 419-586-0368


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Edison Initiative ||
English Department ||
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