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    _L.A. Times: Third Worlds and Peripheral Zones_ [is] "...
    where the blazing, hot sun meets the arid desert ... where
    the East meets the West, and all codes of ethnicity,
    religion, color, territory are scrambled ... third worlds
    and peripheral zones."
                                         ---Sebastian Melmoth

_L.A. Times: Third Worlds and Peripheral Zones_ documents the myriad
forces that leak from the fissures and cracks of the capitalist
machinery. _L.A. Times: Third Worlds and Peripheral Zones_ zooms in
on the current social, political, cultural, and literary climate of
Los Angeles by examining the spatial and economic forces which
marginalize sectors of the ever-shifting population into L.A.'s
"internal Third Worlds": the South Central of African America; the
migrant, seasonal labor of undocumented America; the immobile,
forgotten masses of incarcerated America; the diasporic enclaves of
Latino and Asian America; the disappearing tribes of native America.

Los Angeles is a rich and vibrant tapestry of cultures and
phenomena. We know that there is far more creativity, intellect, and
talent in Los Angeles than Spring Street and Hollywood ever let on
... _L.A. Times: Third Worlds and Peripheral Zones_ is that
tapestry's vocal chords.

We are looking for offbeat and original submissions to this
collection of essays, photography, art, music, multimedia, and
styles of expression not yet categorized.

For further information regarding submissions please visit our
expanding website at


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