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Eugene O'Brien
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Eugene O'Brien,
University of Limerick.

CALL FOR BOOK PROPOSALS: *Ireland in Theory*: Irish Studies Series

This series of book-length studies, to be published by the Edwin Mellen
Press, is a new venture in the area of Irish Studies. Its thematic
approach will be interdisciplinary so that the developments in literary
and cultural theory can be brought to bear on issues concerned
with Irishness.

*Ireland in Theory* will imbricate the theoretical developments of the last
fifty years with a questioning of the epistemological status of Irish
writing, Irish culture and Irish identity, and their interaction.

By refusing to be limited by the traditional frameworks of academic
disciplines, such a series will cross the boundaries that have kept
literature, cultural studies, social studies, political studies,
ideological studies and ethnic and racial studies apart, and bring
about a new constellation in which all aspects of the Irish
experience can be studied in new and challenging ways.

I would see such a series as concentrating on the following areas:

        Studies which bring new theoretical perspectives to bear on the works of
        individual writers, or groups of writers, of any period or genre.

        Studies of more general areas in terms of historical periods, or generic
        divisions, wherein new interpretations of the underlying trends could
        bring about some genuinely fresh conclusions. Various related issues,
        such as folklore studies, ethnography, cultural studies and literary and
        theoretical studies could be included in the series, making it a
        comprehensive contribution to the field.

        Studies which interrogate the political or ideological consequences of
        texts, and their readings, and which view the works of Irish writers as
        constitutive of different notions of Irishness, and Irish identity.

        Studies which examine the different enunciations of Irishnesses -
        republican, nationalist, unionist, loyalist, religious, pluralist
        - or the interaction of any of these.

        Studies which examine the influence of Europe on constructions of
        Irishness; or which examine diasporic influences on Irishness in all its
        Hyphenated notions of identity, or borderline notions of Irishness, either
        literary or political are also encouraged.

The series is open to any of these approaches, or to any interrogation the
way in which the notion of Ireland has been enculturated, is being
or might possibly be enculturated in the future.

Please send abstracts, proposals or inquiries to:

Dr Eugene O'Brien, Editor *Ireland in Theory*:

Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, Department of English,
College of Humanities Mary Immaculate College,
University of Limerick, Limerick,
Ireland. Ireland.
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