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This is an updated posting seeking submissions. There are many topics still
available for essays that I thought might be handled by scholars listed in
Louie's database. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Murphy.

Dave Barnett

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Date: Mon, 18 Jan 1999 14:45:42 -0600
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Subject: Call for Papers -- Please Circulate


Entries are invited for a reference book, Reader's Guide to Lesbian and
Gay Studies, to be published by Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers in Chicago.
The entries will describe the key secondary literature available in English
on topics important to l/g studies. The entries will ordinarily describe
10 book-length studies on a particular topic, policy, historical period,
person, school of thought, etc. As necessary, article-length studies can be
described and evaluated as well. The entries will ordinarily run to 1000
words, though more important topics can certainly be longer. Honoraria will
ordinarily be $50 (US), though longer entries will carry larger amounts.
Faculty members and advanced graduate students are invited to write
entries. Further details of this project are available upon request.

If you believe an entry ought to be included, please contact the editor at
the email address below. Bear in mind, that there ought to be sufficient
existing literature to support an entry. Sometimes, interesting topics are
not well studied and may be, therefore, inappropriate for this volume.

For further information, please contact

Timothy F. Murphy, editor, at
Rob Salkin, publisher, at


The entries available at this time are divided into 7 thematic categories.

For further infro

1. Arts and Cultural Studies
        Critiques of Lesbian and Gay Culture
        Cultural Studies: General
        Film: Comedy
        Gay Male Cultural History
        Harlem: Lesbian and Gay Cutlure
        Military: Lesbian and Gay Subculture
        Names Project
        New York: Lesbian and Gay Culture
        Photography: Male
        Photography: Overview
        Popular Culture
        Workplace Culture

2. Ethics, Religion, and Philosophical Issues
        Enforcement of Morals
        Gay Male Ethics and Philosophy
        Native American Religion
        Religion: Gay and Lesbian Congregations
        Religion: History and Politics
        Reproductive Rights
        Ludwig Wittgenstein

3. Historical Figures, Periods, and Ideas
        Australia: History and Politics
        Classical Greece
        Latin America: General
        Mattachine Society
        Nazi Attitudes and Politices
        Netherlands: History and Politics
        United Kingdom: History and Politics

4. Language, Literature, and Communication
        Australia: Gay and Lesbian Literature
        Byron, Lord (George Gordon)
        Willa Cather
        Communication: Sociology of
        Poetry: British
        Poetry: General
        Sackville-West, Victoria
        Spender, Stephen
        Television: Representations of Gay Men and Lesbians
        United Kingdom: Gay Male Fiction
        United States: Gay Male Fiction
        Williams, Tennessee
        Woolf, Virginia

5. Law and Politics
        AIDS: Law
        Bathhouses: History and Politics
        Canada: Law
        Censorship and Obscentiy
        Crimes by Gay Men and Lesbians
        Employment: General
        Europe: Law
        European Union: Conventions regarding Homosexuality
        Hate Speech Codes
        Immigration Law and Policies
        Law: Criminal
        Marriage: Legal Aspects
        Military Policies regarding Homosexuality

        Politics: Conservative
        Politics: General
        Prisons, Jails, Reformatories
        United States: Law
        Wolfenden Report

6. Medicine and Biological Science
        Aging and Gay Men
        American Psychiatric Association
        Sexology: History

7. Psychology, Social Sciences, and Education
        Africa: General
        AIDS: Education
        Arab Cultures
        Asian Culture
        Coming Out: Psychology of
        Community: General
        Consumer Practices among Gay Men and Lesbians
        Counseling: Lesbians
        Education: Primary
        Gay Liberation
        Gay Male Identity
        Gender Roles: General
        Gender Theory
        Japan: Anthropology and Sociology
        Queer Identity
        Relationships among Lesbians
        Psychological Health
        Sexual Harassment
        Sexual Orientation: Gender Identity Disorder
        Sexual Orientation: Identity Controversies
        Sexual Practices: Female
        Sexual Practices: Male
        Stereotypes: Theory and Effects
        Stigma and Homosexuality
        Teachers: Gay Men and Lesbians
        Twin Studies

Timothy F. Murphy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Head of the Medical Humanities Program
Department of Medical Education m/c 591
808 S. Wood St.
University of Illinois College of Medicine
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Phone: 312 996-3595
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The Office has finally moved to 1180 BSB -- Please make
note of our revised address.

David Barnett, Ph.D., Director
Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Concerns
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Chicago, IL 60607-7140
(voice) 312-413-9862; (FAX) 312 -996-4688

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