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Dr. Richard Lane
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A call for abstracts/proposals for a new essay collection.

Title: Technologies of Malcolm Lowry: Theorizing the Image
Editors: Dr. Richard Lane, South Bank University & Dr. Miguel Mota, Simon
Fraser University.

Technology: 1. A discourse or treatise on an art or arts; the scientific
             study of the practical or industrial arts.
             2. Practical arts collectively.

Image: 1. An artificial imitation or representation of the external form
        of any object, esp. of a person.
        2. To make an image of; to represent or set forth an image; to
        figure, portray, delineate.

Subject: 1. A thinking or cognizing entity or agent; the conscious mind;
          the self, the ego.
          2. Foll. by _to_: under the control or influence of, subordinate

                                 - Oxford English Dictionary

The relationship between technology, the image, and the subject plays an
essential role in the fiction of Malcolm Lowry--i.e. the fiction _by_
Malcolm Lowry and the fiction that _is_ Malcolm Lowry. By exploring this
relationship from various theoretical and practical perspectives, we hope
to reconfigure Lowry as text, the image of which has been, and continues
to be, both subject of and subject to technology. We are asking for
papers that will situate Lowry in this regard in a number of different

* Lowry as a product of print technology
* Lowry in relation to film technology
* Lowry in the marketplace
* Lowry and technologies of gender
* Lowry and the publishing industry
* Lowry and the Image (using theories of the image such as Deleuze's)
* Lowry and images of Hollywood
* Lowry and images of "Genius", etc.

In the process of re-theorizing and re-situating Lowry as text, we of
course welcome papers dealing with the Lowry canon as traditionally
conceived; but we encourage also new work on archival fragments,
photography, film material, methods of production, etc.--in short,
all of the material that might be said to comprise the technologies of
Malcolm Lowry.

The collection will tie in with a two-day conference on Technologies of
Malcolm Lowry to be held in the year 2000. Further information will be
made available during summer 1999.

For more information, please contact the editors:

Dr. Richard Lane
Department of English
South Bank University
103 Borough Road
London, England
Phone: 0797 0745 363

Dr. Miguel Mota
Department of English
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C.
Canada, V5A 1S6
Phone: (604) 291 3036

Please note: we welcome informal enquiries or more formal proposals; please
submit the latter by email or file attachment, with a brief CV.

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