CFP: Poetry Lessons (no deadline; website)

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CFP: Lessons in Poetry; Form and Substance
Date: 4/25/99
 Teachers Corner Section
Due: As Soon As Possible, but no deadline

A Poet Born (, invites papers on any type
or area of poetry, that teach a particular lesson in the genre.

A Poet Born wishes to bring good poetry, as well as inspiration and
guidance in the genre, to a whole new arena that allows poetry to
be more accessible and less mysterious to the computer generation.

**If you are a Professor of English, Doctoral Student of English,
or Published Poet, we would like to have your "lesson" published
in the Teachers Corner Section of our website,,
and later in an anthology.

**The Lesson should be 2-3 pages in length (single spaced) on a
particular type or area of poetry.

**Feel free to use your own poetry as illustration of your
point/lesson. If you use the work of another author to illustrate,
you must provide footnotes of same, or a "Source List".

***be sure that the lesson addresses the poetry student, not the poetry

The Teachers Corner section of the website is FREE to the public
and will provide lessons in poetry, shared poems by published poets,
guidance in getting published by editors, agents and publishers and
more....anything that can be useful to the budding poet. Robert Pinsky, the
current U.S. Poet Laureate, appears in the Teacher's Corner at this time,
and has also graciously allowed us to reprint his poem "The Garden."
Please include a full one paragrph bio on yourself and be sure to mention
any previous publications and if and where they are available. If you
your own web page, please include the URL in your bio and we will contruct
a link there. If you have a published work available for sale, please
mention it.

Please address all inquiries to Laura Skye at:

  Send your lesson to:
  A Poet Born
  PO Box 24238
  Knoxville, TN 37933-2238

  or e-mail to:

*If you e-mail your lesson, it MUST be in a WINDOWS .TXT (ASCII/text file)
format ONLY.

We reserve the right to publish your "lesson" more than once, and to publish
it within a book or one of our newsletters.

We will notify you of the date(s) that your lesson is to appear
on our site. Most lessons spend at least a two week rotation in
the Teachers Corner, then are available through the archive.
If and when we use your work in another medium, we will notify you
of the date, the publication medium and title of same.

Very Respectfully yours,
A Poet Born

Submission of a lesson constitutes an agreement, waiver, license for
CyberNuts, Inc. d/b/a A Poet Born, to utilize, reproduce, publish, etc. the
lesson in any manner whatsoever, while author maintains copyright. The
entrant certifies that the work submitted is original to them and they have
not violated any copyright laws.

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