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Kim Wells
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Now Hiring: (Sort of)
Women Writers, an E-Zine Reference Guide to women authors & resources on =
the Internet is looking for contributors. See site for details and =
< >=20

Are you interested in contributing an article/rant/editorial/book review =
to Women Writers' editorial page? Or, would you like to become an =
official "staff writer?" The pay is, at this time, only the addition on =
your resume/vita (you get to say you're a writer) but maybe, if we're a =
big success, we might get to actually pay money some day! Notoriety *is* =
a pretty good currency for some--

If you're interested in applying for a position, send a sample essay on =
a women writer/ a book review, or a rant about some woman's literature =
related topic to the editor. Length may vary, but make sure it's between =
200 and 1000 words.... Submissions that make use of Internet resources =
(links to other sites, book reviews, books for sale) will be =
particularly well received.

Also include a bio (see here for sample) and, if you have "the =
technology" a photo. (If you don't have a scanner or digital picture, we =
can get around that when we get there...) Also include in the email =
whether you'd like to be an "occasional" contributor or regular "staff." =
You don't have to be a "journalism" major, or to be an experienced =
columnist but you do have to write well.=20

"Academic" articles as well as more 'personal essay' style contributions =
are welcome. Graduate students, staff, professors, professional =
scholars and anyone else who might like to write for this up and coming =
site contact: < >

Submitting your application/article does not mean you will be accepted. =
All submissions that are not used will go in the "Recycle" bin.....

Kim Wells, Editor

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