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Life Writing

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIFE WRITING, edited by Margaretta Jolly


The Encyclopedia of Life Writing is currently being prepared as a
commission for Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, to be published in London
and Chicago during the Spring of 2000. It will contain over 650 entries
on the various forms of auto/biographical writing that constitute the
field of life writing. The Encyclopedia will include entries on genres
and sub-genres, national/regional/language traditions, important
auto/biographical writers, as well as articles examining the
relationship between life writing forms and other disciplines, such as
oral history, anthropology, and photography. As the interdisciplinary
and broadly inclusive term "life writing" suggests, the intent of this
project is to explore not only autobiography and biography, but also
letters, diaries, memoirs, family histories, case histories, and other
ways in which individual lives have been recorded. Entries will vary
from 750 to 2,000 words in length.

The Encyclopedia will look at life writing from Ancient and Classical
times to the present, and will devote entries to its principal
manifestations from around the world, in addition to analysing
English-language traditions. The Encyclopedia is aimed at all those
studying, researching, or teaching any aspect of this increasingly
high-profile, interdisciplinary area, as well as the general reader with
an interest in exploring the subject.

Participating in the project
About 80% of the book's entries have now been commissioned. But offers
to take up the remaining entries will be welcomed: PLEASE SEE THE LIST
OF AVAILABLE ENTRIES BELOW. A full list of the book's 650+ entries,
together with sample entries, a list of the book's advisory panel, and
other information appears on the project's website:

If you would like to contribute to this encyclopedia please send an
e-mail listing the entries you are interested in, and something
describing your field of teaching/research to:

Unassigned List at 10 September 1999
Africa, North (Maghreb): Survey of Life Writing
Africa, Southern: Survey of Life Writing
Africa: Oral Life Story Traditions
Andersen Nexø, Martin
Australia: 20th-century Diaries & Letters
Autobiography and Fiction
Autobiography Types: Popular/Celebrity

Biography Types: Business
Biography Types: Medical
Biography Types: Popular/Celebrity
Biography Types: Royal
Biography Types: Scientific
Biography: General Survey
Brazil: Survey of Life Writing

Canada: Auto/biography to 1900
Canada: Diaries & Letters to 1900
Canada: Native Canadian Life Writing: Survey

Denmark: Survey of Life Writing

Exile Narratives and Journals
Exploration Narratives and Journals

France: 20th-century Diaries & Letters

Geer, Louis de
Germanic Countries: 17th-18th century Diaries & Letters
Germanic Countries: 19th-century Diaries & Letters
Gorz, André
Guzmán, Fernán Pérez de

Heiberg, Johanne Luise
Hinduism and Life Writing
Holberg, Ludvig
Holocaust Life Writings
Hume, David

Indian Subcontinent: Life Writing in modern Pakistan & Bangladesh
Indonesia: Survey of Life Writing
Italy: 20th-century Auto/biography
Italy: 20th-century Diaries & Letters
Italy: Medieval & Renaissance Life Writing

Japan: Classical Life Writing Forms
Japan: Life Writing 19th Century to 1945
Japan: Life Writing after 1945

Kazinczy, Ferenc
Korea, North and South: Survey of Life Writing

Malaysia & Singapore: Survey of Life Writing
Mauriac, Claude
Menchú, Rigoberta
Middle East, Arabic: Biography Traditions
Mishima, Yukio

Narrative and Life Writing
Neue Deutsche Biographie
New Zealand & Polynesia: 19th-Century Life Writing
New Zealand & Polynesia: Indigenous Life Writing and Life Story
Norway: Survey of Life Writing

Pedagogic Uses of Life Writing
Philosophy and Life Writing

Reuterdahl, Henrik

Sarraute, Nathalie
Spain: Life Writing: 18th & 19th Centuries
Spanish America: 15th-18th Century Life Writing

Thailand/Siam: Survey of Life Writing
Travel Narratives: Survey

War Letters: general survey
World War II Life Writings

Zeromski, Stefan

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