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The topics for our Spring, 2000 issue are Poetry and ThePoetics of
Hypermediation, Past and Present. Both the artist and the critic of the
genre are invited to submit work for this issue. Discussions of
"proto-hypermediations" are also invited. Articles for future issues are
may also be submitted. While materials are accepted at any time, texts
submitted by April 15, 2000 will move smoothly into the next publication
set. Articles are particularly solicited that take advantage of the
multimedia potential of
the World Wide Web. While materials are most easily accepted as HTML
coded materials, there is no necessity that they be submitted in that
format. Hard copy submissions are entirely welcome, as are materials on
diskette utilizing either Windows or Macintosh platforms. Materials are

About ReSoundings:

ReSoundings is a collaborative effort among an international group of
scholars publishing in electronic form on the Internet. The journal is
innovative in comprising music, visual art, and verbal texts while
allowing readers to engage these texts with their own multimedia
commentary hotbuttons which become part of the journal.

The scope of the peer-reviewed journal is the humanities.

The critical texts should be primarily in English; translations should be
supplied for texts in other languages.

The multimedia format encourages interaction among traditional
disciplines including art, history, literature, and music, while
particularly inviting multicultural, ethnic, and women's studies
participation. This is an environment in which scholars and artists can
create and discuss texts, sharing and building commentary in a variety of
media, integrating sound and graphics as well as written materials.


Dr. Bonnie Duncan, General Editor
Dr. Beverly Schneller, Associate Editor



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