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Michael E. Cornett
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                   Published by Duke University Press

             Council of Editors of Learned Journals Winner

       1998 Phoenix Award for Significant Editorial Achievement

The editors invite submissions to our calls for papers for each
issue of the journal (Winter, Spring, Fall). The Winter and Fall
issues are on special-topics, while the Spring issue is open. For
current calls for submissions with deadlines and directions for
submitting, see the most recent issue of the journal or our website

*The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies* publishes work
across the disciplines on topics ranging from late antiquity to the
seventeenth century, work that is both historically grounded and
informed by the broad intellectual shifts that have occured in the
academy. Theoretical inquiries and a wide range of political
initiatives have transformed the contexts in which we work. These
transformations have profound consequences for our attempts to
understand past cultures even as they encourage our critical
reflections on the present and its relations to the pasts that we
study. We aim to foster the rigorous investigation of past cultural
forms and their historiographical representations, representations
whose political dimensions will be of special interest. The
particular pasts on which we focus are those of medieval and early
modern Europe and Western Asia. They are the pasts of material
objects as well as texts; of women as well as men; of merchants,
workers, and audiences as well as patrons; of Jews and Muslims as
well as Christians.

We seek to publish articles that are both informed by historical
inquiry and alert to issues raised by contemporary theoretical
debate. We expect that essays will be grounded in an intimate
knowledge of a particular past; their argumentation will reveal a
concern for the theoretical and methodological issues involved in
interpretation. Indeed, we are particularly committed to work that
seeks to overcome the polarization between "history" and "theory"
in the study of premodern Western culture. The journal should be a
home for empirical studies informed by theory. It should also be a
locus for theoretical debates that are illuminated by an
understanding of medieval and early modern culture or that
contribute to our knowledge of that past.

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