CFP: Folklore and Culture in the Americas (open; e-journal)

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Steven Beech
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      AmeriCultures.Org is a new and developing website offering a
mediated academic journal. For further information and online
submission, please go to

      Our developing e-journal (the Journal of Folklife and Culture in
the Americas -- JFCA) and other site benefits will be entirely dedicated
to the publication of folklife, cultural anthropology, and human
interest items that are produced in a multimedia format for the general
public. We also anticipate such things as an annual conference that will
be netcast, an annual on-line conference, and various research-related
competitions and awards. Eventually, we hope to publish a paper-based
journal as well.

      It is our widest hopes that AmeriCultures.Org will become a venue
in which academics may have a creative outlet and general public appeal,
for all writers interested in folklife and culture to have the
possibility of future by-word payment for their articles -- much like
journalists and creative writers do, and for the general public to be
informed of and entertained by the world that we live in.

      We will accept articles devoted to the close understanding of
peoples of all of the Americas; our site will have English, French, and
Spanish versions.

      -- The Staff at

Submission Guidelines

      1. Submissions under 5MB may currently be sent to us only via our
online submission form. (*Any submissions larger than 5MB will only be
accepted via regular mail and may be sent as CD or Zip disk, with prior
permission from the publishers. In this case, fill out our online
submission form with all of the required information below, minus the
main text of the article. We will send you a return e-mail containing
the appropriate street address, upon approval for publication.)

      2. Unsolicited submissions should not exceed 1250 words of text.

      3. We accept Microsoft Word or Word Perfect, or plain ASCII

      4. We will only accept submissions using the MLA citation style,
as it is the most widely known to the public.

      5. Each submission must contain a cover section with the title of
the article, the approximate word count; a short description/abstract;
the author's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and
preferred form of communication; and, as well, a statement of relevance
to our publication.

      6. Pertinent photographs, video and sound clips, and other
multi-media effects are welcome; however, publication of these materials
will be considered by our editorial staff with a mind to space
limitations and download times.

      Steven W. Beech, Director
      Publication and Administration Branch

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