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Editor in Chief
William G. Doty
University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Mythosphere: A Journal for Image, Myth and Symbol is conceived as an
interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary journal in the humanities, and
intends to aim for integration of information across several disciplines and
fields of inquiry; authors will share their special expertise, not in the
highly technical diction of specialist journals, but rather on a level of
articulation appropriate for a wide range of scholars and educated readers
from different backgrounds alike.

This journal proposes to present and analyze myths, mythology, ritual,
symbols, and imagery, in folk and popular culture; encourages studies that
recognize and emphasize the meanings of such materials within their
socio-historical contexts (including secondary elaborations and indirect
influences in the arts) rather than as "textualized" artifacts treated in
the abstract; invites contributions from many areas of interest, including
American and cultural studies; classics; religious studies and philosophy;
literature and languages; anthropology; gender, feminist and queer studies;
fine arts and art history; semiotics, rhetoric, and speech communications;
iconography and iconology.

Mythosphere is oriented towards hermeneutics, semiotics, iconography, and
mythography: that is, toward accessible presentation and interpretation; for
example, essays may focus upon analysis of the mythopoetics of a
contemporary artist or poet, or upon multi-cultural manifestations of a
particular image or mythic figure/theme; not oriented toward any particular
methodology (such as that of Eliade, Jung, Campbell, or social-scientific
approaches), Mythosphere welcomes reconsiderations of earlier scholarship
and theoretical discussions of methodologies for the study of images, myths,
and rituals; applied demonstrations of what various critical methods can
reveal as new knowledge are particularly solicited.

The journal will be open to contemporary expressions of mythic materials in
the arts; intends to be a place for interpretative analyses of the
significance of cultural observances and expressions of value, and the
changes in models of the hero/ine in films/paintings/literature; is
concerned with gender modeling/issues related to traditional materials and
whether contemporary gender studies new insights into traditional
texts/rituals; seeks to loosen the disciplinary boundaries now so prevalent
in academe by opening up to multicontributor essays, and/or theme-or
methodology-driven collective contributions; will cover developments in new
audio-visual and computer-intensive models of instruction and references;
not only theoretical but pragmatic/pedagogical reflections will be included;
will seek studies of visual or enacted (ritual) features of materials that
are presently treated almost exclusively in textual terms.

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