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Kirsten Uszkalo
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Subject: dis/utopia

Voyeuristic television programs such as Survivor and Big Brother, coupled
with the easy accessibility of information via the Internet and other modern
information sources, are a startling echo of the Distopian writings of
Orwell and Huxley. Have we succumbed to a Distopian order, or are we simply
on a bumpy path to a Utopian world?

nasty is currently on the lookout for short academic papers (1000-4000
words) which address multiple facets of Utopia or Distopia. We are
especially interested in papers which consider cinematic Distopia such as
Metropolis and Brazil, televised voyeurism in the form of Survivor and Big
Brother, or postmodern textual Distopia, such as Douglas Copeland's Shampoo

nasty is a peer-reviewed journal, which exists to create a forum for the
promotion and dissemination of new, controversial and challenging cultural
and academic thought across the humanities. nasty accepts work from all
realms of the Humanities, including English language literature,
anthropology, history, sociology, women's studies, and cultural studies. At
this time, nasty can only accept electronic submissions addressed to kirsten
c. uszkalo at Recent publications and submission
information can be found at

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