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For a book on how emphasizing historical context would finally and
definitively revise the structure and discourse of the American literature
classroom (and American literary scholarship as well), we are collecting
syllabi that demonstrate how teachers in post-secondary institutions have
already begun to include historical approaches to U.S. writers in their
courses. These courses may be in American Studies, American literature,
American cultural studies, or African-American studies. Syllabi for
first-year writing courses and women's studies courses taking historical
approaches to writing in the U.S. would also be welcome. Please include a
paragraph or two elaborating on the role of "history" in the course.

The authors will include the syllabi in their forthcoming book, "An
Ex-centric Discipline: American Literary Studies and the Problem of
History." This book will explicitly demonstrate the benefits of minimizing
the residual effects of the "great works" or canon approach. A summer
seminar on reconstructing American literary studies around history rather
than around the canon is also in the works, with a possible edited
collection to result from that gathering of college teachers interested in
developing materials for historical approaches to the various periods of
writing in the U.S.

Please send syllabi and queries to either author:
Phyllis Frus, U of Michigan, 1139 Angell Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1003
Stanley Corkin, Dept. of English, U of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH
Email attachments, or URL for syllabi available on the Web, are welcome.

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